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Dollar General sign An Undervalued Play: Invest in Dollar General and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet There are many good reasons to buy stock in retail stores. And I’ve got picks for two similar types of stores, but with different investment strategies.
Debt Is Through the Roof, and the Market Loves It This useful tool would have allowed you to post better-than-market returns. Today, I explain why … and tell you how long this market continues in bull mode.
The “Dumb Money” Indicator Screams “Buy” for This Metal We call the hedge funds the “dumb” money because they are the ones making bets. Now the dumb money is at a 25-year extreme … and we can profit from it.
This Left-for-Dead Sector Is About to Surge
by Matt Badiali July 27, 2018 Investing
Right now, these companies are becoming more valuable and less expensive. Today the market doesn’t care, but it will soon.
Sprott Physical Gold Trust Is The Best Way To Invest In Gold Gold is a great hedge against inflation. And right now, gold is unloved and on sale. For contrarian investors, this is the perfect buying opportunity.

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