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Small Rick Astley meme for Reader Feedback Hydrogen Worth Waiting For, Critical MaaS & The Big Bear Scare
by Joseph Hargett April 1, 2021 Great Stuff
Wait For It … Wait For It! It’s that time again, Great Ones! Time to spin the Wheel of Morality? Unfortunately, no. But I do appreciate the Animaniacs reference. No, it’s time for Great Stuff Reader Feedback! And there was much rejoicing! Thank you. Thank you! As Great Ones know, Reader Feedback day is the […]
Your portfolio on pot bacon meme small Reader Feedback: Cannabis, Workhorse and Brazil Minerals … Oh My!
by Joseph Hargett February 4, 2021 Great Stuff
Last Dance With Mary Jane? Gooooood morning, Great Ones! Hey, this is not a test. This is Great Stuff’s Reader Feedback! Yes, I know it probably won’t be morning when you read this, but I can’t get Robin Williams and Good Morning Vietnam out of my head. We can thank today’s main topic and its […]
GM goes full electric meme small GM Goes Electric, Rotten Robinhood and Apple’s Delicious Core
by Joseph Hargett January 29, 2021 Great Stuff
Friday Four Play: The “Detroit Shock City” Edition A long, long time ago… I can still remember when General Motors (NYSE: ) used to make me smile. And I knew if they had their chance, that they could kick Tesla (Nasdaq: ) in the pants, and maybe investors would be happy for a while. But […]
Does Robinhood work for Prince John meme small Does Robinhood Work for Prince John?
by Joseph Hargett January 28, 2021 Great Stuff
Does Robinhood Work for Prince John? It’s Thursday, Great Ones … and you all know that means Reader Feedback! Now, I know Thursdays are supposed to be all about Great Stuff readers, but today’s a bit different. Today, we’re talking about Robinhood. Quite a few Great Ones use Robinhood for their trading and investing needs. […]
Today’s Reader Feedback is a lesson in market patience — just a little patience, yeah — and a dive into biotech, Nio, Facebook and oil. Apocalypse Someday, Nio Nerves and Forgetting Facebook
by Joseph Hargett November 5, 2020 Great Stuff
Market Apocalypse Now? Welcome to Great Stuff’s Reader Feedback day. This day is all about you our loyal readers. We answer your questions — market-related or not — and indulge in your rants. Why? Because Great Stuff has the best readers of any financial rag on the internet. It’s why we call you the Great […]

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