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Latest Insights on ROBO

Avoid Hertz Bottom (but 1 Tesla Move Could Save It) The secret to making money in today’s market is to invest in the companies and mega trends that are doing the disrupting: Tesla, bitcoin and pot. Not the ones that are being disrupted.
V-Recovery Market Proof: Small Stocks to Buy Your ticket to life-changing profits with small-stock buys for the V-rocket recovery. (Hint: you won’t find them currently in the Dow.)
Be Bold … This Bull Market Is Yours This has never happened before. In the past, Main Street investors have been locked out of bull markets until it’s too late. But not this time!
The Crisis Is About to Boost Banks’ Profits [3-minute read] Lenders have taken a big hit this year, but the pandemic is actually setting this sector up for big gains.
How Our Stock Picks Crushed the Market, in 1 Chart [5-minute read] A small but devoted group of critics say I told them to stay out of stocks … here’s what I have to say to them.


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