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dream vacation How to Finance the Vacation of Your Dreams and More Many of us think that traveling — or any big dream — takes years of budgeting and penny-pinching. Investing can help you build toward those dreams … but it still takes time. Matt Badiali talks about the one way you can increase your gains quicker and start making your dreams a reality. (3-minute read)
Are you ready for a real old-fashioned Halloween? Because the U.S.-China trade situation is long on tricks and short on treats. Scary Starbucks, Apple iZombies and Freaky Facebook
by Joseph Hargett October 31, 2019 Great Stuff
The Nightmare Before a Trade Deal I hope you’re ready for a real old-fashioned Halloween, ’cause I’m long on tricks and short on treats today. Of course, the U.S.-China trade deal is at the center of this endless nightmare. Earlier this month, President Trump tweeted that a “phase one” trade deal with China was finalized […]
Big players are leaving Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency in droves. It’s time for real crypto investing advice. The U.S.-China Trade Deal Bamboozle: There is No Trade Deal
by Joseph Hargett October 14, 2019 Great Stuff
You’ve Been Bamboozled Something is bothering me, dear Great Stuff readers. I feel you’ve been done a disservice by the financial media after Friday’s trade-deal love fest. So, to make things painfully clear, let’s just put this on the table now: There is no trade deal. I know, I know. You were told on Friday […]
Is stagflation coming? Probably not, but your portfolio will feel like it is … unless you do this. The Fed’s Biggest Nightmare; Retail Gets Real; WeGiveUp
by Joseph Hargett October 1, 2019 Great Stuff
Is the U.S. Economy Going Stag? I saw an ugly word pop up over the weekend. No, not that word … or that word, either. Seriously, you kiss your mother with that mouth? The word was “stagflation,” and it’s the word that the U.S. Federal Reserve fears most of all. Now, stagflation is traditionally defined […]
Great Stuff 9-24-2019 Google Won’t Forget You … Ever; Snap Hands Over Project Voldemort
by Joseph Hargett September 24, 2019 Great Stuff
Gone, but Never Forgotten Today, we’re going to talk about digital privacy. It’s not a sexy topic by any means. But it’s a vitally important one. Earlier today, Europe’s highest court ruled in favor of Alphabet Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) Google. The case centered on Google users’ “right to be forgotten.” At its core, “right to […]

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