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How to Buy Into the Uptrend This Health Care Giant Has Never Been This Cheap A health care company pulled off an investing coup in 2016. I believe it should be on your radar today. Read on to learn why…
The price of gold is about economic conditions around the world. To understand the price of gold, we have to understand money. Why Gold is the Superman of Elements & You Should Invest Now
by Matt Badiali December 29, 2017 Gold
The price of gold is about economic conditions around the world. To understand the price of gold, we have to understand money.
2018 Commodity Forecast: Time to Love the Hated?
by Optin December 8, 2017 Natural Resource Investor
Investors have strategies for making decisions. A common strategy for good investors — or at least those who love to tout their goodness — is to buy what’s hated. Sir John Templeton, a guy Money magazine named as the greatest stock-picker of the 20th century, characterized the opportunity to buy what’s hated as the “point of maximum […]
This Indicator Says Silver Will Outshine Gold!
by Optin November 22, 2017 Gold Mining Millionaire
Precious metals have entered a volatile trading range in recent weeks. Gold has support at roughly $1,265-per-troy ounce, give or take a few dollars. Meanwhile, you’ll find resistance for the yellow metal at $1,290-$1,295. For silver, the trading range has been a bit wider, from roughly $16.80- to $17.30- per-ounce. Watch this range closely in […]
Middle East Meltdown and a Bombshell from Germany!
by Optin November 8, 2017 E-Wave Trader
If anyone has doubts that the cycles of war are indeed ramping up, just as Larry Edelson predicted several years ago, the latest headlines out of the Middle East should be very convincing. As you’ve no doubt seen reported, there was a royal shakedown in Saudi Arabia over the weekend that had more drama than […]

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