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The Metal Leading the Next Rally
by Sean Brodrick November 30, 2017 Uncategorized
Energy metals were on a wild tear until September. Then they flattened out. But now they’re perking up again, and cobalt is leading the way. Heck, cobalt just broke out to a five-year high! Looking at this chart, you can see that cobalt is up a stunning 190% since January 2016. That’s head and shoulders […]
Sell DSLV and SDS; Then Add Three New Positions
by Optin November 29, 2017 Pivotal Point Trader
We added Potlatch Corp. (PCH) to the Pivotal Point portfolio two weeks ago. And it has already made an impression. As a Real Estate Investment Trust, the Spokane, Wash., company is unique. On paper, its integrated interests in resources, wood products and real estate do not seem terribly compelling. However, the business and share price have reached a pivotal […]
Automation and the Rise of Robots
by Optin November 24, 2017 Disruptors and Dominators
How often do you get out of your car and go inside a bank to talk to a teller? I’ll venture a guess and say, not often at all. And of course, that’s because of Automated Teller Machines, or ATMs. ATMs were first introduced by Chemical Bank in 1969. And they are now completely ingrained […]
Give These Three Turkeys the Holiday Ax!
by Sean Brodrick November 23, 2017 Uncategorized
It’s that time of year, when we get ready for a big holiday party. I’m talking about the Santa Claus rally. And you know what you don’t want to be holding during such a rally? Turkeys! I mean the stocks that WON’T rally with Santa. Strictly speaking, the Santa Claus rally usually comes in the last two […]
Capture the Next Big Trend in Solar Energy
by Ian Dyer November 15, 2017 Stocks
More countries are relying on solar energy to meet their electricity needs and now a new technology has emerged that can change the industry.

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- Taylor M.

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