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The Oil Industry Launches a Huge Phase of Investment
by Ian Dyer April 11, 2018 Oil
When oil companies begin to spend on expansion, it’s a sign that they believe there are bright prospects in the oil industry for growth.
Veterans’ Scandal-Ridden Health Care Is Still a Disaster The Veteran Affairs crisis provides a cautionary example of what happens when nervous Washington politicians try to micromanage a medical system.
Why Mexico Needs U.S. Gasoline With talks of the U.S. losing in trade deals, there is a surprising victory with our southern neighbor. To understand why, we have to take a couple steps back...
Home Prices Are Rising … and Will Rise Even More
by Michael Carr April 9, 2018 Economy, Real Estate
Good-paying jobs cluster in certain areas, and home prices soar in those areas. But for those hoping for more affordable homes, there’s some bad news.
Congratulations! The Market Correction Is Over
by Chad Shoop April 9, 2018 Economy
I want to congratulate you on surviving the first market correction in nearly three years. Now let me explain why it’s over, and how you can profit.

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