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This Natural Resource Uptrend Is Unstoppable The next big natural resource story isn’t some exotic metal like cobalt or palladium. It’s much more simple and important.
This Obscure Indicator Says Buy Small-Caps
by Michael Carr April 12, 2018 Trading Strategies
Small-caps lead the market. They fall the most in bear markets, and they gain the most in bull markets. That makes signals in small-caps important to watch.
Friday the 13th Could Turn Into a Horror Film for the Market With all of the volatility we have seen of late, and with this quarter expected to reflect the benefits of the tax cuts, I hope this Friday doesn’t turn into a horror film for the market.
This Biotech Billionaire Loves This Risky Stock There is a chance you will lose money if you buy today’s stock. But if you’re willing to take on a little risk, I have an opportunity for you that could be very profitable.
A Lack of Fear Means the End of the Bull Market Is Near
by Michael Carr April 11, 2018 Economy
A bull market climbs a wall of worry. This means prices rise when traders worry. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of traders worrying right now.

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