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Latest Insights on MA

Reality Check: Optimism Is Sky-High Right Now
by Ian Dyer April 3, 2018 Economy
The extreme rally to start the year is completely gone. But when emotions run high, it’s always the best time for a reality check.
Why China Can’t Pull the Trigger on Soy Tariffs
by Anthony Planas April 3, 2018 Global Economy
Investors fear that soy prices will suffer from a possible trade war with China. Yet, there is reason to be bullish about the world’s most popular bean.
Antitrust Gauntlet Amazon Needs to Worry About This, Not Taxes Lost in the kerfuffle of Monday’s Amazon tweet by President Donald Trump was a much bigger nugget of news about the company…
Amazon: Can — and Should — It Be Reined In? So why has Amazon’s share price fallen more than 10% since late February? And why does President Donald Trump hate it so much?
Major Boom Cycle The Fed Just Signaled the Next Rally for Stocks
by Chad Shoop April 2, 2018 Economy, U.S. Economy
The Fed has historically been behind the curve. And right now, it is late to the party as well, and it will precede the next major rally for the stock market. Let me explain…

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