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Measuring Revenue Growth During Earnings Season
by Ian Dyer July 18, 2018 Economy
The No. 1 number that most investors look at during earnings season is earnings per share (EPS). But there's something I think is a lot more important.
Here Comes the Next Short-Term Oil Sell-Off
by John Ross June 14, 2018 Investing, Oil
When prices become unaffordable, they’ll come down. And this week, traders got another reason to second-guess the world’s appetite for high-priced crude oil.
This Quiet War Could Supercharge Oil Prices Soon Over the last couple of weeks, we discussed two reasons for the rising oil price. However, there is another source of anxiety in the oil market.
A Dying OPEC Country Could Spur a Massive Oil Rally The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will attribute increases in the oil price to its production cuts. But that’s a lie … the truth is much darker.
oil prices will keep going up, at least over the next several months. One big reason is there are long-term trends at play here. Oil is now at its highest point since 2014. Oil Prices Will Keep Going Up
by Ian Dyer January 17, 2018 Oil
Now that people are OK with investing in oil again, the buyers who were scared out before are buying back in to catch the rally.

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