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Start Collecting Instant Income Today

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I hope you’ve already started the process of getting your account ready for the thousands of dollars I’m going to help you deposit in it.

Before you get started, I want to take a moment to make sure you understand all the invaluable resources at your disposal now that you’ve made the wise decision to start collecting income almost every week.

As you’ll see below, your subscription comes with a wealth of knowledge in reports and tutorials that you can easily access 24 hours a day on our website.

But you also have another resource: me.

Your Greatest Resource

As your editor, I’ll be walking you through the steps to collect thousands in income … over and over again.

With over a decade spent studying financial markets, several years’ experience trading options and my current 90% win rate in Pure Income — I’m here at your disposal.

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, where I met my wife and eventually had two beautiful children. If I find a free minute in the day, I spend it with them. I devote the rest of my time to generating as much income as possible for you.

I’ve spent thousands of hours researching the techniques that would unlock the ability to collect a steady stream of income in just about any market environment. In fact, the type of volatility we saw in early 2016 works perfectly with Pure Income.

That’s why I believe this investment service is one of the safest ways to secure income for your retirement.

Along the way, if you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at

Resources Available 24/7

Now, let’’s take a look at the resources that will help you start collecting extra income as soon as possible. They’re available 24 hours a day, so I strongly urge you to take advantage of them immediately by familiarizing yourself with our website and reviewing the reports and videos below.

In order to get access to your subscriptions and the resources available to you on our website, just follow these instructions.

  • Simply go to Banyan Hill Publishing is our company’s name, and it’s where we host all of our publications.
  • Click the orange “login” button on the top right, then enter your username and password, and click “Log In.” Please remember, your login information is case-sensitive. (If you can’t locate your login information for any reason, please request one from customer service by clicking here.)
  • Once you log in, click the orange “Premium Content” link at the top of the page. The services you are subscribed to will populate.
  • Scroll down to Pure Income, and click the blue “Access Subscription” button.
  • Then you will come to a page with a few links on the right-hand side. Click on any one of them to explore the material we have.

It includes:

  • Archives — This is where you’ll see everything we’ve published, including trade alerts, weekly updates and weekly mailbags.
  • Pure Income ePortfolio — This is where you will see how our current open positions are doing.
  • Getting Started Series — Here you can easily access this seven-day Getting Started series at any time, without trying to find old emails.
  • Income Accelerator Videos — Here you can watch several videos I recorded to help you feel more comfortable with this service. The videos include my welcome video, a put selling tutorial, a covered call tutorial and a webinar where I answer readers’ questions.
  • Intro to Options Tutorial — This is a video that explains the vocabulary related to put options, how to place an order and types of market orders.
  • Getting Started — This section contains important information concerning the Pure Income trading strategy. Here you will find the following:
    Pure Income trading manual (How to Collect Thousands From Wall Street’s Secret ATM).Click here to read the report.
    How to Make Money With Pure Income report, which answers your frequently asked questions.Click here to read the report.
    Unlocking Your Account report for those of you who’’d like to read up on opening an options account.Click here to read the report.
    Intro to Options Tutorial— This is a video that explains the vocabulary related to put options, how to place an order and types of market orders.Click here to view the video.

I encourage you to log in right now, particularly to look over the information on options trading, which is essential to the Pure Income strategy. By trading options, rather than buying the stock outright, we stand to gain substantially more than ordinary shareholders.

So keep an eye on your inbox. Tomorrow, I’’ll be reaching out with my commitment to you. I’’ll explain how you can be successful using the Pure Income strategy.

Again, welcome to Pure Income. And remember, if you ever want to contact me, you can do so by emailing me at


Chad Shoop
Editor, Pure Income