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Special Message from Paul Mampilly

Happy Holidays!

I want to take a moment today to share a special message with you.

It’s not a market update, stock move or investment strategy. You see, I feel like you’ve been with me all these years.

When I record a video, I don’t just see a camera. I see your faces … your names from letters you’ve written … my extended Strong Hands Nation family.

So today, I just want to send an important message of thanks straight from my heart to you:


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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“I'm very Happy with your services. I hope you don't plan to retire any time soon! My retirement portfolio depends on your expert guidance. Keep up the great work! Thanks.”

- Randy

"I couldn’t believe it … in just 2 months, I made $298,506 on one stock – that’s a 24% gain!"

- John B.

"You told me to ignore the noise on Wall Street. And thanks to you, I started towards the end of 2016 with $200,000 in my account and I recently put in an extra $100,000. [As of February 2019] My account is worth $500,788! I would’ve missed out if I followed conventional wisdom."

- Helen C.

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