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Space Stocks 🚀 Are About to Soar: Buy Now

Space Stocks 🚀 Are About to Soar: Buy Now

We’re going to break a record that was set in 1967.

Can you guess?

Because to me, it seems unimaginable…

2022 is going to launch a record-breaking number of rockets into space.

The number to beat is 139 launches in 1967. Now, we’re set to crush that this year!

Here’s why I’m telling you this… Almost no one is talking about this mega trend right now.

The number of people, rockets, satellites, colonies is only going UP from here.

With it, money is going to push into space stocks, and more will go public. The time to invest is now.

I put together two reports because of the opportunity unfolding in space.

10 Groundbreaking Space Companies That Should Be on Everyone’s Watchlist and A Fortune Made in Space: The 3 Hottest Space Stocks to Buy Right Now.

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It’s 2022. For my very first video for 2022 I want to tell you that we are setting up to break a record that was last set in 1967. I am going to bet you will not guess what it is for. It seems unimaginable, certainly to someone like me, that it has taken from 1967 to 2022.

You’re talking about 54 years for a new record to be set. This record is for rockets going up into space. I know it’s hard to believe that 1967 was the year we set the record where 139 rockets were launched. That was part of the original space race when we were trying to get people to the moon.

It all begins in 1957 and by 1968 it had peaked. In 1957 we had three launches. By 1967 we had 139. It has taken all the way into 2022 where we are finally on pace to destroy that record. We are going to see several hundred rockets launched into space.


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In fact, I was watching one of my favorite space YouTubers — Scott Manley — and he was doing a review of how many rockets were launched just last week. He counted there was the launch of the James Webb telescope.

That’s this tennis-court-sized telescope that’s going to go to outer outer space and be something that can bring back information that we have been unable to have ever. It’s an amazing development in space that a lot of people are watching. Russia launched two rockets.

We’re talking about just last week, not last year. Japan launched a rocket, China launched three. Then, for those who are tracking SpaceX, they put up 26 rockets to go into space last year. They are planning for something like 48 this year, including three of their big, big rockets.

Why am I bringing all this up? Unless you are closely tracking space like I am — obviously I’m a fan and I’m an investor. I believe this is going to be one of the biggest investment opportunities of this decade. There is a boom unfolding here in space. Yet, there’s almost nobody focusing on it.

We identified space as being an America 2.0 theme and a Fourth Industrial Revolution theme. This is an industry that gets started in 1957, goes through its research and beginning stages and then goes through a period of extraordinary hibernation. We go from 139 launches in 1967 to a low of 54 launches in 2004.

You go from this high from the Apollo program and trying to get someone to the moon, to a complete crash. During that period, there is a lot of development going on. We are working on a number of things. There is a shift that happens where we go from all government programs to where there are private programs.

They are not just in the United States. There are even private programs in China that are looking to commercialize space. Now, we are well underway and, in all likelihood, 2022 is just going to be a record that blows away the 1967 record. Then we are going to keep going from there.

More satellites put into space. More rockets put into space. More bodies put into space. There’s talk of a new space station being put up by any number of countries. In other words, this is a breakout moment for space. Yet the majority, my guess, has no investment in space.

We’re all in on space across our services. In our premium services we have rocket companies. In Profits Unlimited, my flagship service, we have one space stock. It’s a small stock that has a unique technology and unique place where it can move things between orbits in space.

I believe this is a new space infrastructure industry that’s going to develop and be huge over time. We are going to need to move things in space. Just think about it as logistics. We have to move things on Earth and we are going to have to move things in space.

There is an utter boom going on here. I believe in 2022 you are going to see a lot of investors come in and take interest in space and look to find ways to participate in what is also going to be an investment boom. Money is going to push into space stocks and push them higher.

We are also going to have more companies come public. Hopefully, if Elon Musk allows it, SpaceX will come public as well. That will bring attention to this sector of the market, which right now is under the radar. If you want to watch a presentation I did on space, I am very BOP on space, you can click on the strong hands.

It will show you my presentation on space and why I believe this is going to be one of the big winning investment sectors in 2022 and beyond. That’s my first video for 2022. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I wish all of you a happy new year and a 2022 that’s BOP.

I’ll have another video for you next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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