Sovereign Edge

America is facing confusing times.

Right now, the U.S. has the greatest mountain of debt the world has ever known — one that grows ever larger with every passing day. We’re in a massive debt spiral, and everyone knows it’s not going to end well … yet the mainstream media continues to obfuscate the facts. But it’s exceedingly clear that the day is approaching when you’ll need a nest-egg that will allow you to retain your personal and financial freedom. One that will provide you with peace of mind, so that you’re free to live a truly sovereign life.

It’s something we discuss in our publications all the time — and it’s why we created our premium services, which give you unique, actionable solutions for building your own personal store of wealth.

As a Sovereign Edge subscriber, you will learn how to build your sovereign life. You’ve looked long and hard for workable solutions to the many challenges to freedom, privacy and wealth that governments have imposed on us. And Sovereign Edge provides access to solutions that will help you live a richer, freer and more prosperous life.

Your Subscription Includes:

  • Monthly VIP recommendations … Each month, we’ll send you a stock or option recommendation from one of our elite research services, including:

Frontline Investor: Jeff Opdyke can show you how investing “in country” can result in far greater returns than you could ever find in stagnant American markets. Jeff constantly travels the world, looking for new profit opportunities wherever they may arise, from Singapore to Australia to South America.

Pure Income: In Pure Income, editor Chad Shoop provides readers with the absolute best opportunities to generate safe, steady, monthly income through options. Pure Income will target stocks that at least triple the S&P 500 dividend-paying stocks average. Chad routinely gives his subscribers double-digit returns — excellent sources of income in a zero-yield world.

Precision Profits: With the Precision Profits strategy, you’ll know the moment to pounce on seasonally-driven opportunities as they arise, and the moment to sell. Editor Jeff D. Opdyke consults our in-house meteorologist Chris Orr and looks at a stock’s past performance during key seasonal patterns to determine how it will react in the future. He regularly closes winners in the triple digits by using options.

Strategic Options Alert: Editor Charles Del Valle heads the team behind Strategic Options Alert — a weekly investment service that uses a reliable stock-picking system paired with options to make money, even if the market is crashing. Their proven, proprietary system has been vigorously back tested using data from the last decade, and with this specialized team at the helm, the results are second to none.

Automatic Profits Alert: After 10 years of backtesting, Chad Shoop has created a clear and consistent calendar system that pinpoints the prime seasonal cycles in every sector of the stock market. This rules-based stock-trading system is a great way to make bigger, safer, faster gains.

These are our premier investment services, and you will be getting exclusive access to all of them. Think of it as a test drive to try them out, but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Total Wealth Insider monthly letter …Every month, Jeff Opdyke will send you an actionable new investment report, mailed and emailed directly to you with his up-to-the-minute strategies, analysis and recommendations.
  • Weekly email dispatches of Total Wealth Insider … Each Sunday, Chad Shoop — investment analyst and editor of Pure Income— delivers in-depth updates on what’s happening in the Total Wealth Insider portfolio and in the sectors important to our holdings.
  • Sovereign Edge alerts …The minute a fast-moving development occurs within our portfolio, we’ll rush you an instant alert so you can lock in gains or minimize losses.
  • Access to our overseas trading manual … Jeff Opdyke walks you step-by-step through the process of making your first overseas trade. Incredibly, you can buy and sell stocks around the world without ever leaving home.
  • Access to our Options Trading Tutorial video … Some of our premium services use options, so we’ve put together an introduction to the basics of options trading.
  • The Banyan Hill website: One of the most valuable benefits of your subscription is access to the members-only section of Banyan Hill’s website. You’ll have full access to the e-portfolio, archived issues of Total Wealth Insider monthly, Total Wealth Insider weekly and Sovereign Edge, and access to your FREE special reports.
  • The Sovereign Investor Daily: The world’s most popular global investing and asset-protection e-letter keeps you informed with global events that can affect your wealth, privacy and safety. Six days a week, you’ll get timely alerts from our team of global experts. You’ll get a snapshot of the latest-breaking economic, political and financial developments … all designed to help you keep and increase your wealth.

With Sovereign Edge, you’ll have your road map to navigating the noise surrounding today’s markets and becoming truly self-reliant.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at or by calling 866-584-4096.