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Show Us Your Furry #BOP Support Friends

Show Us Your Furry #BOP Support Friends

The Bold Profits team has taken on some new assistants to help us get through this period of social distancing.

Ian has Betty and Charlotte. Nick has Ginger. And Amber is promoting Alex to full time. Before you ask, these aren’t our new analysts.

They’re our financial support animals!

With all the corona-chaos, they’ve been a silver lining helping us watch the market bounces.

Amber’s dog, Alex, is a big Strong Hands supporter, and he joins Paul on the Profits Unlimited weekly update.

We know it’s been tough watching the markets this week, but Paul and the team are so impressed with our Strong Hands nation. Scott wrote in to say:

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the service. At a time when I know you must be getting tremendous criticism and pressure, I wanted to say thank you and I believe you guys are the best.

“I wait for your podcasts every week. I especially look forward to the Profits Unlimited podcast with Amber and Alex. It is like watching my favorite TV show.

“There are those of us out here that are still appreciative of what you are doing for us. We are with you, and I for one am sitting on my hands.”

Thank you, Scott! We are still #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on our America 2.0 stocks.

And here are some of our Bold Profits Strong Paws (plus hooves and beaks) out there!

If you have a financial therapy pet at home that’s been helping you stay #BOP lately, please email us your pet pictures at

We can’t wait to see all of your Bold Profits pets!

COVID-19 Update and Your Bold Profits Portfolio

The team has been keeping a close eye on every market move this week. Here’s what it found for you:


Your Bold Profits Team

P.S. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter for additional weekend coverage @MampillyGuru. You might even see Alex and his Strong Paws @ALancasterGuru!


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