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Semiconductors and Tech: Ride Their Market Momentum Now

Semiconductors and Tech: Ride Their Market Momentum Now

Despite the recent trade war market dips, semiconductor and tech stocks are coming out on top.

Both of these industries saw the greatest potential throughout this week, and it’s clear why.

For one thing, semiconductors are one of the most sought-after pieces of tech by manufacturers. So it makes sense why investors would continue to buy in on such an influential market.

Great Investments for the Future

Both of these industries are what make the modern world go round. So it’s no surprise that people worry about the state of tech and semiconductor stocks when outside factors come into play.

However, here at Bold Profits, we believe that it’s important to know all the facts before acting on the sale or purchase of a stock or ETF.

If you follow our daily articles, all of our experts feel the same way: When you ride out a shaky market, you come out on top.

While semiconductors and tech have seen their ups and downs recently, both industries have the potential to reach new highs and move forward as the market evens out.

That means it’s the perfect time to subscribe to our True Momentum service, where we’re tracking many great tech and semiconductor stocks, some of which have an incredible 237% gain!

If you want to find out more about True Momentum, click here.

Keep reading for a recap on all of the great articles we published this week.

Week in Review

Monday, June 3: This week, Paul Mampilly, Amber Lancaster and Ian Dyer sat down with our newest Bold Profits analysts to talk about why Semiconductor Stocks Are Hot — Time to Invest. Amid all of the U.S.-China trade discussions, so many industries are taking major hits in the market. But there’s one industry that’s set to make a huge comeback once the trade war fades out of the media’s attention. Click here to watch and find out how you can profit from that rebound.

Tuesday, June 4: Paul reveals the 1 Question Investors Never Ask When Selling Stocks in this week’s video. When the media talks nonstop about how the market’s going down, many investors will sell out of their positions. But there’s one important question these investors should ask themselves before they make that sale. Click here to watch and find out more.

Wednesday, June 5: Amber outlines the best 2 Solar Stocks for the New Energy Boom. It’s no secret that the population across the United States is growing faster and faster each day. And with a larger population comes a greater need for homes and electricity. More and more cities across the country are discovering how solar farms are a fantastic way to make more electricity faster. Click here to read more.

Thursday, June 6: Ian wants you to know his No. 1 Pick for Semiconductors’ Double-Digit Boom. After the semiconductor sector fell 15.5% last month, many investors sold their shares in a panic. But now’s actually the perfect time to buy into the semiconductor market. Click here to find out which exchange-traded fund you should invest in to ride the semiconductor rebound.

Friday, June 7: Nick Tate comes to you on video this week, where he got to Meet Pepper: The New Face of AI Robotics. Pepper is a small robot that’s revolutionizing the way we manage our finances, online shopping and health care. She’s helping to bridge the gap between the digital and human worlds in a way that’s never been done before. But don’t just take Nick’s word for it. You can click here to watch Pepper, her programmers and her co-workers at HSBC Bank Miami explain it all.


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