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Revealed: Secret Strategy for Life-Changing IPO Fortunes

Revealed: Secret Strategy for Life-Changing IPO Fortunes

This week, our team of analysts did something we’ve never done before.

See, we usually keep the inner workings of our analysis internal to our team, giving you the highlights: stock picks.

And while we did reveal names and tickers this week, we also gave our readers unique insights into our initial public offering (IPO) rating system.

Thousands of you have written in, wanting to know more about the mysterious world of IPO investing. So, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve delivered this week, at no cost to you.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “The IPO Millionaires Are Coming.” And all of our research shows there has never been a greater opportunity for life-changing wealth.

Creating wealth for our readers is why we all do what we do here:

We revealed names and tickers this week, and we also gave our readers unique insights into our initial public offering (IPO) rating system.

We revealed names and tickers this week, and we also gave our readers unique insights into our initial public offering (IPO) rating system.

We revealed names and tickers this week, and we also gave our readers unique insights into our initial public offering (IPO) rating system.Your stories mean the world to us. Knowing we’re helping real people change their lives makes us dig even deeper to find ways to help more people achieve financial freedom.

If you missed any of our IPO Fortunes Symposium preview this week, spend a few minutes this weekend catching up. We promise you’ll find real value.

The IPO Fortunes Symposium Recap

Monday, June 17: John Burke led the first video of the week, IPO Fortunes Symposium Kicks off Now. This video introduces what you can expect in our groundbreaking series and the strategies you should know before you get into the IPO market.

Tuesday, June 18: Amber Lancaster spoke on The “Golden Thread” Connecting the Greatest IPOs in Tuesday’s video. She breaks down the one metric you can use to identify the IPOs likely to deliver six times more gains and the single biggest driver behind the IPO markets.

Wednesday, June 19: Paul Mampilly joined us on video to talk about The Great Tech Leaps Driving the IPO Market Now. In it, he discusses technological leaps driving today’s IPO market, the kinds of companies that always take the lead (and the ones to avoid) and why these companies are game changers.

Thursday, June 20: Amber was back again on Thursday with 2019 IPO Market Size, IPO Listings, the 1 to Watch Now. This video outlines the incredible size of 2019’s IPO market, the sheer volume of money coming into this investment class and a full listing of the 15 IPOs coming to market in the last two weeks of June. Plus, one on our radar now.

Friday, June 21: Paul was back to give you 1 Simple Stock/IPO Indicator for Success. He reveals the most important indicator for vetting IPOs and sifting through the hype. And it’s one of 25 indicators that he and The Bold Profits Team developed in IPO Speculator.

Saturday, June 22: The Bold Profits Team and Nick Tate came together in this video to tell you How IPOs Are Different From Regular Investments. They explain how investing in an IPO isn’t the same as investing in a company that’s already public. They also reveal the four solid indicators you can use to identify the next big “Beyond Meat” IPO opportunity and avoid the losers.

You can view all of these videos by checking out

And stay tuned: We’re releasing our latest videos on Sunday, June 23, and Monday, June 24. So keep an eye out for those in the coming days!

Week in Review

Monday, June 17: This week, Paul, Amber and Ian Dyer talked about how Interest Rates Drive Tesla, IPOs and Fintech Boom. With the Federal Reserve in talks to update interest rates this week, Paul and his team discussed which sectors would benefit the most from a drop in interest rates, including specific stocks such as Tesla and up-and-coming IPOs. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, June 18: Paul comes to you on video to give you 2 IPO Plays to Become a 1-Share Millionaire. IPOs have become the hottest topic on the market recently, and for good reason. Week after week, new stocks arrive and increase their starting price by 50% or higher in just one day. And Paul wants you to be able to cash in on these soaring successes. Click here to find out more.

Wednesday, June 19: Amber reveals how you can Tap Tech Revolution IPOs for Triple-Digit Gains. Tech stocks have always been a hot commodity on the market, and among today’s most popular stocks are some of the best-performing IPOs. And right now, more tech stocks are gearing up to match their predecessors’ success. Click here to read more.

Thursday, June 20: Ian explains 2 Ways to Play Fintech’s Double-Digit Boom. For the longest time, one of the only companies that people thought of when they heard the word “fintech” was PayPal. But with all of the incredible strides from cryptocurrencies and blockchain, PayPal’s about to go on a run for its money. Click here to read more.

Friday, June 14: The Bold Profits Team takes an in-depth look at why Slack’s IPO Kicks off the Future of Work. The Bold Profits Team article describes why Slack, a workplace communication company, is changing the way we connect with our co-workers and how the company’s tech will impact workplaces for years to come. Click here to read more.


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