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Get Our “Secret Sauce” for Crypto Trading

Get Our “Secret Sauce” for Crypto Trading

The countdown is on! With Crypto Flash Trader coming, I’m sharing our special “secret sauce” when it comes to trading cryptos.

Cryptocurrencies are a brand-new asset class — some are less than a year old.

And that’s where Ian and I can help.

We’ve successfully traded cryptos during the good, the bad and the ugly … market tops, through volatility and at the bottom. Now you can too.

With Ian taking the driver’s seat, we’ve developed an incredible secret strategy for trading cryptos.

Here’s a sneak peek into just how you can use it for outstanding, life-changing profit opportunities in the cryptoverse:


Hey everyone. As many of you know, we have been looking to start a crypto trading service for several years now. I can tell you we are now on the verge of starting it. We will be promoting it and marketing it in a few days.


Introducing our new Crypto Service 

In celebration of that, I want to lay out what this service is for, what it does and why this is the perfect moment to start trading crypto. Also, what the benefits are of trading crypto with us. Those of you who follow us know that this is for information and engagement.

Not financial advice. They are also to promote our services. The launch of a service for us is a big deal. This week in celebration of this coming launch I want to lay out some cool, interesting, fun stuff that my colleague Ian Dyer, who is going to be the leading the service, and I have figured out about the crypto market.

I believe that no one else — it’s almost like a secret special sauce we have with respect to trading crypto that I want to tell you about. 


Why is this a great time to start trading crypto? 

If you have been following the crypto market you know one thing: It has crashed recently. 

Bitcoin (BTC) after hitting a peak of about $64,000 has gone down to about $28,000. On Tuesday morning when I am recording this it is about $35,000. So it has recovered a little bit. One of the things we have seen over the last several years — go back through our channel.

You will see we have an extraordinary track record with crypto. In fact, there’s a video with me calling the top in 2017. Pretty close. I was within a month or so of it. Then, once again, calling the bottom in 2018. We have been tracking this current bull market for crypto for some time.

Ian and I every single Friday have covered BTC and the events surrounding it: the Halving, the rise of Ethereum DeFi, and many other things. These moments of volatility are things we have studied very carefully. We believe we have certain ideas and certain strategies that are going to work out.

The benefit for you with going with us is you are in the hands of two very experienced traders. Both of us have traded a significant amount of crypto and we continue to be quite active in terms of looking at new cryptocurrencies. That’s one benefit. 

By subscribing to this service, you are getting hands-on experience with what we believe is going to be the most rewarding asset class in the world. Crypto is still pretty new. Very few people actually own it. 

You are going to be introduced to new currencies that you have probably never heard of like Chainlink, Uniswap, Aave or Compound, or Maker. 

These are all integral parts of the Ethereum DeFi universe that most people have never heard of. We have actually been with these from the beginning.

We understand certain things about them that you are going to see the benefit of when you start trading crypto with us. 


The Concept of Total Value Lock (TVL) and What It Is

There is a concept in crypto called total value locked (TVL). What is this? It’s in some ways like the book value of crypto.

This is the amount of money that various crypto investors and traders have placed in a lockbox that is there for that particular crypto. It’s available for that crypto to use for its own purposes. For example, the Compound crypto lends money out. That TVL acts as a basis for it.

Knowing that value itself is not that useful. Nonetheless, there is a relationship between TVL and price that in some cases is contrarian and in some cases is straight. In other words, when the TVL is rising, you want to be in the currency. 

Sometimes when it’s declining it’s also a case of you wanting to be in it as well. Sometimes it’s a straight-up indicator and other times it’s a contrarian indicator. You would have had to have been following this to understand this. 


Our Trackings and Finds 

Another one that Ian in particular has been tracking carefully is futures on BTC and Ethereum. These have acted as a strong contrarian indicator at peak. Not all the time, just at peaks. Ian has been tracking this and it’s been a phenomenal indicator you get the benefit of us using. 

The other thing Ian and I have found — and this is cool — there’s a yield curve in crypto that is driven by two or three cryptocurrencies. One is Maker, another one is Curve. These two cryptos are where people either arbitrage other cryptocurrencies and/or they use it to collateralize cash.

Bottom line without getting too technical, this is what we are starting the service for. So we can give you the benefits of all of our understanding and knowledge. There is a certain yield curve where when people want liquidity, the interest rates are high to draw liquidity. 

When people are borrowing, the interest rates are bid down by people’s borrowing. It acts as an indicator. Sometimes straight up and sometimes contrarian. It depends on the currency and stage of the bull market we are in.

So these are some of the cool, fun things Ian and I have discovered about crypto. Just understand, this is a brand-new asset class. BTC just began trading in 2009. Ethereum is even younger than that. A lot of these currencies like Uniswap and Compound are barely a year old. 

However, there is extraordinary volatility we can take advantage of. We have come up with unique indicators and unique strategies. It’s unique ways of understanding this market that we believe benefit you immensely. 

As I said, crypto is going to be one of the highest rewarding asset classes in the world. There is going to be unbelievable trading opportunities that can generate monster gains. 

Thanks for Joining, this is Paul saying bye. 



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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