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Recovery Monday: How You Can Tap Market Rebound Stocks

Recovery Monday: How You Can Tap Market Rebound Stocks

I’m calling it. It’s recovery Monday.

Our America 2.0 stocks are ripping higher.

And all week, people have been asking me the same question:

What sector is going to rocket up highest, fastest and first?

Today, I have an answer that may surprise you. It will happen in the smallest stocks.

Stocks with low liquidity have the most to gain. These are America 2.0 stocks UNLEASHED. They represent innovation. They’re cheap. And this is where you want to be.

That’s why I am holding a special event on these stocks – stocks I believe are perfectly positioned to soar 100X.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at wealth creation beyond anything I’ve ever done before.

Space to attend my 100X Summit is limited and the deadline to register is tonight. Only registrants will receive a link to attend the Summit at 8 p.m. tomorrow.

Check out this week’s Market Talk to find out how you can best leverage the stock market’s rebound:

Investors are beginning to anticipate the end of the lockdowns, the timing of the recovery, the strength of the recovery and the direction of the recovery.

One thing is for sure, the consumer confidence is up.

Market Talk April 6, 2020

U.S. stock futures were up this morning for a number of reasons. The first being noted progress in the ongoing oil dispute.

The stock futures are up. There’s good news on the coronavirus front. There’s good news in Europe. From our morning review, you sent me a text on Slack saying a furniture company — it’s online only — reported that in March their sales rose by 40%. The stock is ripping higher.

Saudi Arabia, Russia and the other big oil producers are now in hot pursuit to negotiate a deal to stop the record-breaking price decline in oil.

Oil diplomats are aiming to coordinate a meeting between the G20 energy ministers this Friday, April 10. They are hoping the U.S. joins the negotiations as well.

Futures contracts for the S&P 500 are also up because New York stated deaths fell for the first time since the virus recordkeeping began.

Looking overseas, stocks jumped in Europe and Asia after the reported death tolls in some of the world’s COVID hotspots showed declines over the weekend.

Bloomberg is reporting that the STOXX Europe 600 index rallied lead by automakers, travel and leisure shares after Italy said it had the fewest deaths in more than two weeks, France reported the lowest number in five days and Spain’s tally fell for the third day in a row.

On the U.S. economic data front, as expected we did see a jump in unemployment Friday as the virus stay-at-home and essential-business-only mitigation policies take effect around the country.

A U.S. indicator reported last Wednesday showed that the U.S. consumer resolve is stout. I am referring to March’s U.S. consumer confidence number.

U.S. Consumer Confidence

Simply put, consumers are not backing down. March’s confidence number was expected to see a collapse of 110, but it held up at 120. This shows that U.S. consumers are resilient and still have faith in the U.S. economy.

Their take on current conditions is holding up well because the underpinnings of our economy are so strong, driven by megatrends, America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Consumer sentiment is not going to dip to levels that some are expecting. It’s something we’ve been telling you for a long time.

Economic Releases

Where upcoming economic releases are concerned, please note that this week is a shortened trading week with markets being closed on Friday in observance of Good Friday.

Weekly Economic Releases List 040620

Precision Medicine Market Makes New Discovery

New Atlas is reporting research scientists have discovered a new universal AI-powered cancer blood test that can detect more than 50 types of tumors and pinpoint where they are in the human body.

This is another win for the precision medicine market.

Cancer Discovery

The test uses a “machine-learning algorithm to search for specific changes to DNA that are associated with cancer. This is found in the form of cell-free DNA which is shed into the bloodstream from many cells, including tumors.”

So far the new test was largely successful, becoming more accurate for later stages of cancer.

It was able to detect 18% of stage one tumors, 43% of stage two, 81% of stage three and 93% of stage four tumors.

It was also capable of detecting which tissue the cancer originated in with the accuracy of 93%. I think these are amazing findings.

Housing Market Gets Boost From A.I.

Now for our America 2.0 update. We continue to see innovation in the mortgage industry. It’s now being reported by HousingWire that CoreLogic has created a suite of products to digitize and streamline the underwriting process for mortgage lenders. [1]

This will catapult the traditional mortgage underwriting process well into the America 2.0 stratosphere.

This suite of products, called Automatic, can now held lenders reduce the time, touch and cost associated with underwriting loans going forward.

LGIH, a home building company, indicated that their March closings were up 40%. That’s pretty amazing. This all comes back to the affect the millennial generation is having on America 2.0

We are BOP — bullish, optimistic and positive.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited


[1]: CoreLogic’s digital mortgage solutions streamline the underwriting process

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