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Paul Mampilly
Rebound Profit Trader


Curious what actual Rebound Profit Trader subscribers have to say about the service? Check out some of the amazing reviews and customer testimonials we have received!


I just wanted to compliment Paul Mampilly about the Rebound Profit Trader service.  I subscribed in mid-November 2020 and I’ve averaged 30% profits on all the calls to date.  I would have made more, but I set my limits at 30%–I’ll let the calls ride in the future, given that Paul and company are more astute at calling the turns than I am.  Thanks again.” – John D. 


“We just like to thank you for an outstanding performance! We have traded your Profit Unlimited, Rebound Profits and Rapid Profits programs, and our overall trading bank is up by 50% in 6 months. Keep up the good work! Thanks!” – Donald and Heather G. 


Thank you for 264% gain on the MU options! I bought in late when the price had dropped way below your entry point and am thrilled to have done so well! I just wish I’d been brave enough to invest more in this position, but I’m still really happy with such an amazing result. You two and your team are brilliant at what you do. Thank you!” – Krysti M. 


“THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  In just over 2 months, I show over $24,000 of profits from your two Option Services.  That is only from CLOSED transactions; it does NOT include the options that are still OPEN & GROWING. Two closed today, Sunrun & Slack Technologies.  Sunrun showed 56.81% profit (over $2,900). Could there be a better result?  Maybe.  Slack Technologies had already been open almost 4 months when I joined.  I analyzed it a little, decided $26 & $28 were two good strike prices to use.  In LESS THAN 3 weeks, $887 became $3,937 today when you gave the SELL ORDER!  Percentage-wise, that is a 344.05% profit.  I had NO IDEA the options had grown so much.  I started crying; I had to call my wife!  I am a CPA; so I can analyze a little. This is ridiculous! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I am up OVER $73,000 SO FAR THIS MONTH.  Beginning of the month I had LESS THAN $251,000.  Keep picking them out.  You all rule! Sincerely – for life (I am 70 in less than 3 weeks).” – Jon N.


Last May when I subscribed to the rapid profits trading service with Paul I started with a $71,000 balance in my TD Ameritrade account. In June I subscribed to the rebound profits trading service. I have been using my profits to reinvest and have built my account to over $300,000.00 presently. Never seen anyone with the expertise that Paul and Ian have. They have an extraordinary ability that is quite unique. Been doing this for 20 years and subscribed to many different Services before but never seen anyone like Paul and Ian. – Nat H. 


“I joined Rebound Profit Trader July 29, just shy of 3 months ago.  My Closed trades have netted an average of 41% return with a 26 day hold, and my open positions are at about 1% return with a 52 day hold.  All told I am sitting on a 36 % return on my cash, in under 90 days. I’d never traded options before, and they remain only a small part of my portfolio, but I am having a blast with this service, the immediate returns I am seeing, and the very straightforward guidance I’m getting as a member.  I’m sure the timing of my joining the service has helped spur these results, but I’m grateful that my investment in your services has paid off so quickly.” – Marty S. 


“I wish you were in my life much sooner! I’m not kidding. I’m a member of the Rebound Profit Trader and Profits unlimited. I’m a natural born skeptic. I see the customer reviews “I’m so and so and I made 1000% in just 60 days with your program.” and every time I just know it’s a scam. But not at all with you. I’ve had some pretty great returns. Enough so, that I‘ve confidently directed friends and family to check out your services. I now know this is the real deal and not some scheme.  From SMAR I made more than $4000 in a little less than a month. TDOC returned a little over $4500 in 16 days. I took a small position in NVTA (mostly because I couldn’t get in fast enough before the price went up) but I made about $2000 in nine days. Now, I know they aren’t all going to be winners. TDOC had me terrified right out of the gate when I was down over $10,000. But it came back for a very respectable gain. These are only my recent gains. My Rebound Profit trading journal goes back to May 7th of this year. Not that long at all but I must tell you, Paul & Ian, You have my trust. And I’m so grateful to have found your program. I’m a lifer now. Also, Paul, I’m a true fan of your stories about growing up and the faith your father placed in you to be such a successful person. Inspiring.  Thank you both (and your team) so much!” – Matt R. 


I’ve been trying hard to not get too excited…  Trying hard to buy equal weighted positions, at or under your buying guidance, and selling at or above your guidance numbers.   Getting into trades at low, $1000 increments as I begin using your services.  But y’all are making it hard to stay calm!  With the recent 44%, 17%, and 44% returns in SMAR, TDOC, and NVTA…all within 9-28 days…I’ve hit my personal money management goals and I’m ready to deploy a little more capital into each trade ($2500).  Thank you gentlemen for providing this service to us…we’re feeling more hopeful for our financial future!” – Cody M. 


***Names have been changed for subscriber privacy, but all testimonials are 100% real, authentic reader feedback.


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