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Ready to Buy for the Great Reversal?

As you know, we saw our growth stocks FINALLY start to rebound amongst the chaos last week.

Well, that’s just the beginning…

Now, you might be looking to buy.

But what? And how?

As you can see, Paul is doubling down on ARK Invest exchange-traded funds and the 3D Printing ETF (PRNT).

This is because these innovative companies are producing technologies that will enhance and transform our lives.

But I may have a better buy option for you.

Don’t Miss the “Epic Comeback” for America 2.0

We predict a “Great Reversal” and an “epic comeback” for America 2.0/Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks and their mega trends.

We have a Strong Hands conviction that these technologies will change the world.

Innovations like: 3D printing, new energy, precision medicine, blockchain and crypto.

(Another clue the Great Reversal is coming now: Paul believes the Russia/Ukraine war is creating a takeoff moment for crypto. See his insights here.)

These are real-life examples of America 2.0 solutions for current-world problems.

And it’s how we recommend investing — especially now with the Great Reversal coming.

Paul is buying. But he can’t buy our stocks. Those are strictly for you and only you.

He’s handpicked an America 2.0 portfolio representing companies with market capitalizations as low as $180 million to just over $1 billion.

In the world of trillion-dollar market-cap companies, his recommended companies are tiny in comparison.

Tiny wonders with the potential for exponential growth for those with the wherewithal to hold on with Strong Hands through major market volatility.

Fair warning: Even as we enter the Great Reversal after months of volatility — it will come again and it’s never easy.

But to the victor belong the spoils.

Ready to Buy? Here You Go…

Now, for the what and how?

What to buy: A handful of America 2.0 growth stocks and crypto. You want exposure to many different mega trends — not just one.

That’s why we recommend picking at least three to five and equal-weighting your portfolio. That means you put the same amount into each position.

Our portfolio has 39 open recommendations to choose from. But here’s a small glimpse at our recommendations. We call it BUZZ:

BUZZ stocks image

(Details about BUZZ and more mega trends here.)

Paul recommends holding positions for a minimum of three to five years to help realize their full profit potential.

Again, this is just a glimpse. You can get our full model portfolio (and analysis of why to buy, tracking and when to sell). Click for the details here.

How to set up your portfolio: We call it our Rules of the Investing Game (#ROTG) — probably the MOST important thing you’ll read for Bold Profits:

  • Never make an all-in bet on one stock.
  • Equal-weight all the positions in your portfolio.
  • Build your positions over time. Meaning don’t dump your money in all at once. Rather put a little bit of money in over the course of a few weeks or a few months.
  • Take profits on the way up.
  • Keep cash on the side.

If you need more guidance on any of these rules, email us at We can try to address your questions in upcoming Bold Profits Dailies.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

Up Your Crypto Game? Bitcoin from our BUZZ recommendation is a great start. But Paul is calling this a takeoff moment for crypto. And there are so many more altcoins out there that can help you gain exposure to potential gains coming from crypto’s comeback. And we can help. See how you can get access to our Crypto Flash trading strategy.

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