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Paul Mampilly
Rapid Profit Trader


Curious what subscribers have to say about Paul Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Trader service?

Read real reviews our subscribers have sent in!


“Thank you for taking the time to read this. My position in VanEck Vectors Semiconductor EFT was closed with a 49% gain. Thanks Paul and team for another job well done.” – Shawn T. 


I got in a little late on this trade (bought on 10/30) when it was low, so I got 80% from this trade in 6 days. I only made a little over $300 because I only had one contract, but still not bad for 6 days.  Keep them coming.  Someday when I have time, I’ll give you a nice big report of all of the success I’ve had with your programs.  Thanks for everything you do. – John E. 


“Sometimes it pays to not pay attention! ;) I missed your folks’ trade alert to sell SMH. In the meantime, it had climbed higher and I finally closed it for 70% profit.  Thank you for you your work!” – Ari A.


“Wow Paul, I just sold TER for $572.63 profit which is a 67% gain!!!  So excited as I have watched this anxiously with Strong Hands.  I went to work this morning and saw that it was up…so tempted to sell but held waiting for your input.  When I got home with your email I sold with much excitement.  I reinvested some which is great since I bought TER with profits from another sale made from your input.  Thank you so much and please advise on what you expect to happen if Biden is the president with the senate becoming a democrat majority. Thank you again!” – Karyn C.  


“I closed my 40 contracts at $1.80 for a $900 profit a day before the tariff announcement. Your MA calls … are working great! ” Alex N.


“I made a small trade on the AMD options for Rapid Profit Trader and had a 123% gain in 1 month.” – Nick M.



***names have been concealed for privacy, but all testimonials are 100% truthful, reader feedback.

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