How We Grabbed 7 Triple-Digit Gains in a Single Day

“Hello, it’s Mickey Mouse!” a squeaky voice excitedly said over the speaker on my phone.

It was a prerecorded message for my 5-year-old about our upcoming Disney Cruise.

The look on her face was priceless, and her excitement for our three-day cruise was now over the top.

Disney had a lot to live up to just to meet the expectations of a little girl, but, somehow, Disney knows how to exceed those expectations the second you step on the ship.

With everything Disney-fied, little kids are immediately overjoyed, and the trip was worth it.

If only corporations could figure out how to sway investors the same way.

Every quarter, or three months, they get an opportunity with an earnings report for the company.

This is when we learn if the company met investor expectations.

If it didn’t, shares fall sharply. And if it exceeded those expectations, shares surge higher.

It’s a key moment for every company. It’s like the moment you walk onto that boat where you paid thousands for a quick getaway.

That moment has a lingering impact on a company.

One that is predictable and highly profitable.

Just last week, my readers used this method to grab seven triple-digit gains in a single day — 464%, 245%, 230%, 207%, 160%, 140% and 100%.

And you had the chance at these gains as well. I sent you an invitation just days before we entered these positions.

If you missed out, don’t worry. Today, I’ll explain why we have the opportunity at another remarkable set of gains, and how you can join us.

Triple-Digit Winners

What started off our string of seven triple-digit winners on a single day was last earnings season.

On April 9, I sent you an article saying the correction was over.

The basis for the article was my outlook for earnings from the first quarter of the year.

They were expected to be phenomenal despite the stock market going through a recent correction.

Here’s how I closed my article:

I have a service, Quick Hit Profits, and it’s designed to benefit from certain earnings announcements. I just finished telling its readers two things — this bull market isn’t over, and the opportunities coming up are going to be remarkable. I can’t wait for the money we are going to make over the next three months, and I want you to be prepared to profit.

And wow, was I correct. We’ve had a 92% win rate in that service since then, and we just locked in seven triple-digit winners on the same day!

The results were incredible. And I’m glad many of you joined us to grab those profits.

But there’s better news.

This current quarter could be even greater — and earnings are still leading the way.

Even though first-quarter earnings were rock solid, they failed to lift the S&P 500 Index back to new highs. Instead, we saw a slow and volatile rebound.

But this earnings season for the second quarter is set to help the S&P 500 break out higher.

Expectations for the 2nd Quarter

We’ve already seen more than 25% of the companies in the S&P 500 report earnings, and the highlight so far is in guidance. We’re on pace to have the second-highest number of companies issue positive guidance in more than a decade.

That’s companies that are remaining positive for coming quarters, signaling further growth for the remainder of the year.

And expectations for the second quarter, which tend to be on the low side, point to the second-highest earnings growth since 2010.

I think we’ll see just that: continued growth.

Like I mentioned in April, now is still a great time to jump in and have exposure to the market.

Because its not going to be trade worries that dictate where stocks go in the second half of the year. It’s going to be earnings, and those are excellent for now.

That’s why it’s a great time to jump in and add exposure to the stock market. You’ll be in position to profit as stocks rally through the end of the year.

If you’re looking for triple-digit gains, you’ll need to join us in Quick Hit Profits. Click here to learn how we use a company’s earnings and expectations to generate huge profits.


Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Automatic Profits Alert