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Quadruple Your Money With the Internet of Things

Quadruple Your Money With the Internet of Things

The holiday season is upon us!

As we quickly approach 2020, we wanted to take a minute to reflect back on some of our biggest winners this year — our mega trends:

  • The Internet of Things brought our subscribers nearly 400% gains on one stock.
  • A blockchain pick is currently up 314%.
  • Precision medicine locked in more than 60% in just eight days on a single trade.

And that’s just to name a few.

So, we wanted to take this opportunity to ask you:

Which one of our mega trends was your favorite this year?

Share your thoughts on these mega trends, and how you’re planning to use your gains this holiday season, by clicking here on this survey.

The best part?

We’ll feature some of your answers in next Saturday’s Bold Profits Daily, so be sure to fill out that survey today!

And if you haven’t seen Paul Mampilly’s Internet of Things prediction for 2020, be sure to check it out here.

Week in Review

Monday, November 18: This week, Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster reveal the 2-Fold Market Boost — Are You Profiting? The markets are fickle. And to the untrained eye, it can be hard to see that a strong economic boost is growing right in front of us. Click here to watch and find out how small businesses and millennials are boosting the economy.

Tuesday, November 19: Paul discusses Tesla, Bitcoin and Pot: My 2020 Predictions. He has three predictions for 2020 that he believes will turn out incredible fortunes for those who act on them. These players are upending entire massive industries, from finance to transportation to health care. They will change the face of reality as we know it. Click here to find out more.

Wednesday, November 20: Amber wants you to Invest Now in Millennials’ $80 Billion Diamond Disruption. Lab-grown diamonds are checking all the right boxes for millennials. With up to 61% of millennials projected to marry by 2024, the lab-grown diamond market has the fuel to grow further. Click here for the best way to grab profits on the way up with new-world diamonds.

Thursday, November 21: the Bold Profits Team gives you 2 ETFs for the 5G “Smart City” Boom Today. Smart technology has revolutionized homes, cars, appliances and offices across the country. Now it’s taking over whole cities. The growth of the “smart city” global market is projected to reach more than $2 trillion by 2025. Click here to find out more.

Friday, November 22: Ian Dyer tells you to Forget Gold — Grab This Safe Haven’s Perfect Buy Moment. Paul joins Ian on video to show you a chart that reveals why this supply-and-demand moment makes this an incredible time to buy. Click here to watch it now.


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