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Chad Shoop
Pure Income


Curious what subscribers have to say about Chad Shoop’s Pure Income stock newsletter?

Read real subscriber reviews and testimonials we’ve received below!


“I started out very slowly with Pure Income. Unfortunately I still own MYL, GPS, WMD, and MUR after they were put to me. However, so far in 2020, I have pocketed $14,744! That is not counting the open “buy to close put” options that are still pending.  I am trying to get in on every trade and will continue to do so.  NVDA looks to be a big pay out! I am cautiously increasing the initial “sell to open put” to $10K per trade. These trades have been much more rewarding and feel much less risky to me compared to traditional “call or put to open” trades.” – Candace K. 


Chad you are my hero with your Pure Income Option membership.  I am 87 years old and this is new to me, but I took a risk and closed out some of my holdings that were not paying much if any interest and went with Chad.  In the last 30 days I have earned $5226.53 using put options with a variety of his suggested companies.  They are holding my funds over two or three months and then release them, so I can reinvest again.  I used some of my profits to pay some large insurance bills that came due and contributed some to my favorite missionary projects and to my church.  I would recommend to anyone to join with Chad and his Pure Income strategy.  One time I ended up owning a stock, but I watched until it went up again and sold it earning more profit.” – Tim J. 


“I have been using the Pure Income service since May 2019 and have made 13 trades in 2019 , and made a profit of $3770.00. Presently I am using my gains for new trades. I like Pure Income because has generated steady returns and a high rate of return in my margin account. I am retired and looking to supplement my pension without taking on  too much risk , your service has been a unique strategy in which I look forward to your emails and recommendations.” – Leslie M. 


“This is an awesome strategy you have exposed us to!  I began buying calls and puts many years ago, but, until you came along, I had never been exposed to a put writing strategy, a strategy I began using shortly after I became a Total Wealth Fellow in about August 2017.  It’s like magic!  A way to create income out of thin air!  I tried to explain it to a few people who were also Total Wealth Fellows at the TWS at Amelia in 2019 and it was like a deer in the headlights!  I don’t understand why more people are not using this strategy to generate income from stocks that you would not mind owning at the right price! 

In 2019 I pocketed over $51K in income using your Pure Income strategy.  I have already pocketed over $8K 2020 and I have another $47K in the pipeline!  If things continue at this pace, I expect to pocket $100K – $150K in gains in 2020 using this strategy alone.  Now I must admit that I do not only use your picks . . . I have made some of my own picks which have also worked out quite well!  However, I would never have used such a strategy if you had not introduced me to it!” – David S. 


“I have been a member of your Pure Income service since the start of it and I am very happy with the service. You have made me over $30,000 since I joined and I am a very small time investor in the scheme of things. I have been increasing the number of contracts as time goes on because I have so much confidence in you and your team. Thank you for doing what you do because you are truly doing it right!!” – Sam K. 


***All names have been changed for subscriber privacy, but all testimonials are 100% authentic subscriber feedback.

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