The Wall Street Journal has declared we have a “retirement crisis” on our hands.

The average Social Security benefit is a measly $1,180 — which doesn’t even come close to covering the bills.

Meanwhile, traditional income investments such as Treasury bonds and CDs pay insulting returns 1% to 3% at best…

Even the average S&P 500 dividend-paying stock pays a paltry 3.26% yield.

That’s why, for several years now, we’ve been showing a small, private group of investors and retirees how to tap into a powerful income stream that puts thousands of dollars in your pocket each month — regardless of age or education.

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People are using this exact strategy to double their investment accounts in less than year.

This is not some high-risk, speculative strategy either.

In fact, one of our top market technicians, Chad Shoop, has designed this service to make safety his No. 1 priority.

That’s why Pure Income subscribers are able to boast a 90% win rate — something that’s practically unheard of in the investment world.

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