Uncommon Fortunes Elite

With Uncommon Fortunes Elite, asset protection editor Ted Bauman brings you into the world of some of the most successful investors, who are shielding their money from Wall Street volatility and government intrusion … all while beating the stock market.

All thanks to collectibles.

By using the collectibles market to increase your fortune, you’’ll also have the opportunity to hone in on some of your hobbies or even childhood memories — and put your unique knowledge to work.

Collectibles — true collectibles that can’’t be mass-produced — hold value over time because of that nostalgia factor. Collectors want to hold on to their conquests … and are willing to pay big money for them.

And that means huge profit potential.

So Ted has provided a service that will keep you informed about the hottest collectibles markets, while walking you, step-by-step, through starting your own collection — be it guitars, whisky, comics, ancient coins or something else.
As an Uncommon Fortunes  Elite member, you’’ll receive:

  • A step-by-step trading guide that will lay out all the tips and tricks you’’ll need to know to build a valuable, investment-grade collection.
  • Quarterly, in-depth research reports that will arm you with relevant and actionable information to guide you through the latest trends and developments across the collectibles markets.
  • Alerts about the newest developments in collectibles, such as noteworthy auctions, so you’’ll be well informed on trends as they emerge.
  • Complete access to Ted’s entire list of contacts. In each report, you’’ll receive the name, website, email address, physical address and telephone number of his personal contact in a particular collectibles market, or a list of reputable dealers.
  • Complete access to the archives, which include our library of past research reports.

As an Uncommon Fortunes member, you’’ll be armed with a comprehensive companion for understanding and interacting in the world of the investment-minded collector.

Simply call our toll-free 1-877-422-1888 to begin your membership over the phone, or click on the “Subscribe Now” button.