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Ted Bauman
Profit Switch

Profit Switch

Welcome to Profit Switch!

I created this unique research advisory service to help everyone, regardless of wealth, personal background or financial experience, become financially secure.

The goal of investments is to achieve “alpha” — gains that exceed those of the rest of the market. To achieve that, my team and I developed a rigorous three-point strategy. It answers three questions:

  1. Is the economic sector the company is in on an upswing relative to the rest of the market? (This is where my training as an economist comes into play.)
  2. Is this company one of the best operating in that sector? (Here’s where I put my background as a financial writer and researcher to use.)
  3. Is it the ideal time to buy the company’s stock, or sell it? (And this is where my research partner, Clint Lee — one of the top technical trading experts in the country — steps in.)

It doesn’t matter if you have just $1,000 to start with … $100,000 … or $1 million. Anyone can profit from Profit Switch.

I know how important it is not only to make the right choices … but to rest easy at night knowing that you understand why you made them. That’s why everything in Profit Switch is presented in easy-to-understand language. You don’t want to wade through hype and listen to overcomplicated explanations. You just want to know the best stocks to buy and why.

And that’s exactly what you’ll discover in Profit Switch.

Your subscription includes:

  • The Profit Switch trading manual: It contains all the information you need to get started.
  • Regular trade alerts: Whenever it’s time to add a new position or sell an existing one, I’ll send you a trade alert right away. And just to make sure that you get these alerts on time, you can sign up to receive a special text message when we make them.
  • The model portfolio: This tracks the Profit Switch portfolio on our members-only website. It’ll tell you when we bought the position, how much we paid for it, how much it’s worth right now, our total gain and the buy-up-to price if you’ve just joined the service.
  • Weekly updates: Every week, I’ll send you a special video update and transcript (if you prefer reading), where I discuss developments in the stock market and in our portfolio. I’ll also address questions you and other readers send in. These weekly updates are important! With the markets in constant flux, I’ll give you a long-term perspective on our positions, not just headline-grabbing sound bites.
  • A dedicated customer service team: If you ever have questions, simply give one of my team members a call at 866-584-4096, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Or, reach out to We’ll help you with whatever you need.

I hope you will enjoy your journey to financial freedom!


Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman
Editor, Profit Switch

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