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Ian King
Profit Point Alert

Profit Point Alert

Normally, investing is a waiting game.

But with Profit Point Alert, you could see terrific profits in about 12 to 36 months.

That’s because Profit Point Alert uses artificial intelligence to find stocks set to boom from trends and invests in them before the herd does.

Then, the “Profit Point” system identifies the best time to exit with the highest profit.

The system involves breakthrough technology so unique, you’re not likely to find it anywhere outside of Wall Street.

In fact, in live trading, across 83 investments and holding each for just two months on average, we saw a 94% total return in one year.

And it’s all done with a three-step strategy…

Step 1 — Identify a trend undergoing exponential growth. These trends usually pick up steam on the back of a macro-catalyst.

Step 2 — Select stocks with potential to see huge gains from the massive trend.

Within a specific trend, there are typically only a handful of stocks worth buying.

Using artificial intelligence, our Profit Point system extracts, transforms and analyzes data to determine the attractiveness of every stock in the universe.

Step 3 — Determine micro-catalysts that will move a stock’s price.

It’s common for stocks to trade in a sideways range until an event happens that moves its price.

Our Profit Point strategy aims to capture the stock price move from an event, while reducing the waiting time. By finding the best stocks and the best timing, we set ourselves up for investment home runs.

Along with that, membership also includes:

  • Access to my model portfolio:This portfolio includes every stock that’s on my “buy now” list. I will typically recommend up to 24 new stocks every year — or about one to two per month. The portfolio will tell you what to buy, at what price to buy it and when to sell. If I see a good opportunity to make money … you will be the first to know.
  • Trade alerts:When the Profit Point system identifies a new company, you will immediately receive an email with quick instructions on how to make the trade. Any time we need to sell an open position, I will send you an alert via email. I’ll provide explicit instructions on what to buy or sell and for how much. And with today’s technology, it’s easy to make my trades over your phone, computer or tablet. It’s that simple.
  • Weekly webinar:I reach out to you every Tuesday with a detailed market analysis. It’s important to understand what’s happening in politics, the global economy and the U.S. markets.
  • Special reports page: In these free reports, you’ll get all the details on each stock, micro-catalyst and the specific dates and time frames of when we expect shares to skyrocket.
  • Daily briefings: By joining, you also get a free subscription to our daily e-letter — Winning Investor Daily — where you will receive unique, profitable insights not just from me, but my whole team. We’ll advise you day in … and day out.
  • A dedicated customer service team:Finally, if you ever have questions about your membership, simply give one of my team members a call at 866-584-4096, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time. You can also reach out online through our Contact Us form. And if you have any feedback you’d like to share, drop us a note at


Ian King
Editor, Profit Point Alert

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