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PRNT Update: Innovation Leading 245% ⬆️

PRNT Update: Innovation Leading 245% ⬆️

The tide is turning.

Have you seen your stocks fall? Yes. But if you’ve been watching, you’ve also seen innovation not slow one bit.

And that will be the catalyst to send your stocks soaring.

Innovation solves the biggest problems we face today: supply chain issues, job openings and an increase in demand of goods.

The solution: 3D printing.

3D printing can increase manufacturing speed, reduce costs and enable innovative products and designs.

While many people use 3D printing for prototypes, there’s been a significant uptick in the number of companies using 3D printing for custom products and for the creation of end-use parts.

In a 2022 study, 400 companies were asked if they used 3D printing.

72% said they currently use 3D printing with 55% stating they do the majority of printing in-house (compared to outsourcing their 3D-printing needs).

Now let me tell you why this is a big deal and will boost more mainstream adoption of this America 2.0 tech.

And how you can pocket some investment $$ if my 3D-printing prediction for the 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT) in 2022 comes true.

3D Printing: Adoption Is Spreading … FAST

3D printing in-house comes with an upfront investment of buying 3D-printing machines and parts. But it also drastically reduces the price of the parts needed for products.

It eliminates shipping, wait times and supply-chain shocks.

This reduces the cost of the end product.

And with it, the sky is the limit. We can 3D print clothing, food, rocket parts, whole houses, even bones!

3D print clothing, food, rocket parts, whole houses, even bones!

Businesses want to save money — of course. And 3D printing can help them do it.

That’s why adoption will spread like wildfire.

This is just beginning.

When companies who used 3D printing were asked how it was beneficial, here were the responses:

Perceived benefit of 3d printing by % of total users

PRNT for 3D Printing Gains

It is exciting to see where 3D printing has started and where it will end up.

The more mainstream 3D printing becomes, the more innovative it will be.

And innovation is what’s propelling America 2.0 forward.

In our model portfolios, we have several 3D-printing companies that I believe will bring readers huge gains.

If you want to see how big, check out Paul’s 3D predictions here.

I personally have made a bold prediction for our 3D-printing exchange-traded fund pick: The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT).

PRNT will reach $100 by the end of 2022 — that’s a 245% rise from here.

And yes, I still believe!

It was hit like the rest of our growth stocks with volatility — dropping 41% from its high in February 2021.

In my opinion, that created a great buy opportunity for you (even Paul since he can’t buy our stock recommendations) to up your stake.

Did you buy more?

Either way, the tide is turning. Innovation has NOT slowed and it will send your growth stocks soaring!


Clint Lee
Daniel Shifflett

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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