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Precision Medicine Alert: 2 Plays for 175% Growth

Precision Medicine Alert: 2 Plays for 175% Growth

Imagine investing in the first lab that decoded the human genome — igniting the DNA-testing market worth $13 billion today and set to double by 2026.

Or penicillin in 1928, laying the groundwork for today’s $44 billion global antibiotics industry.

Or putting startup money into the labs that created vaccines for polio, measles and other diseases — an industry that rakes in $60 billion in global revenues each year.

Of course, we’re late to those parties.

But you can get the next best thing by investing in a medical revolution that will eclipse these major milestones in medicine.

I’m talking about precision medicine.

It’s the new era in health care — on track to become a $216.75 billion global industry by 2028 — up from $78.85 billion in 2018.

That’s a 175% increase in 10 years and twice the market value for genetic testing, antibiotics and vaccines — combined!

Jumping in today means getting in at the ground floor of the next big medical revolution. And that means potentially huge profits for you.

In fact, just this week, a new precision medicine Alzheimer’s disease drug moved closer to a final federal review for approval.

And it’s just one example of the promise — and profitability — of this new era in health care.

What Is Precision Medicine and How Can You Profit?

Unlike other drugs, precision medicine therapies are not a one-size-fits-all treatment.

Take this new Alzheimer’s drug.

It doesn’t merely treat the symptoms of the disease the way the existing medications do.

It targets an underlying condition, tied to a unique genetic defect, that can cause Alzheimer’s in some but not all individuals who have it.

This is precision medicine at work.

You see, precision medicine treatments are not designed to work for everyone. That’s a blanketed Big Pharma technique. Offering you a solution that could work.

Precision medicine is finding a solution that will work.

How? By targeting your unique genetic or biological factors that vary from person to person.

In fact, some precision medicine drugs are created to treat just one single patient — and only that patient.

And that’s exactly what this new Alzheimer’s drug can do.

Doctors will be able to assess who has the genetic characteristics that are likely to cause Alzheimer’s. Then they can determine if this new drug will (or won’t) work for them.

This is the future of medicine.

We won’t need a gazillion drugs that might work. And we don’t need to spend an average $1,200 on a list of prescriptions we need every year.

We only need one.

One tailored treatment that will work.

And investing in one precision medicine treatment (or the HUGE market) can lead you to the next medical fortune — like the early investors of the human genome, penicillin or any vaccine.

Invest in Precision Medicine Now … Before the Market Jumps 175%

So, what are the best ways to invest in these remarkable advances in medicine and pocket life-changing profits as they take off in the coming years?

Here’s what we recommend before the market jumps 175% by 2028:

Step 1: Get into the precision medicine market today. One exchange-traded fund (ETF) can give you incredible exposure to 122 small- and micro-cap U.S. biotech stocks at the center of the precision medicine trend.

Buy SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSE: XBI). It’s on a tear this year, rising nearly 113% since March!

Step 2: Get the best precision medicine stocks Paul recommends for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Paul recently told us in an internal investment call that he’s extremely bullish on this mega trend. He thinks the market will be revolutionary in  America 2.0.

He’s added three new precision medicine stocks to the Profits Unlimited model portfolio this year. But he’s keeping his eyes on new opportunities to come! He even put together a full report on this.

See how you can get this report and more, by checking out his America 2.0 presentation here.

We’re all about helping you put your money into the mega trends that are changing our world for the better — like precision medicine.

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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