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After spending 10 years testing it in my own account, I was able to discover the secret strategy behind hidden “velocity trades” — a tactic that flies in the face of Wall Street’s accepted “buy low and sell high” rule.

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It even has the potential to turn every $10,000 invested into $77,300 or more in just one year.

Indeed, we’re ripping gains out of the market every week. Gains like 104% on Abbott Laboratories; 110% on Unum Group; 155% on Tyson Foods; 157% on Valero Energy; and 189% on Caterpillar.

That’s a total of 715% on these winners!

And every single one of those gains came within a two-month window — allowing investors to get in and out and get paid … almost every single week of the year.

Now, Wall Street elites aren’t exactly happy with me for sharing this trading strategy with the public — because it impacts their bottom line.

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