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No. 1 Strategy for Buying the Dip

No. 1 Strategy for Buying the Dip

You have to take the long view when investing in the stock market.

There will always be short-term dips because the market doesn’t rise in a straight line.

But if you look over the long run, there’s no better way to grow your wealth than investing in the stock market.

Despite its volatile nature, historically the stock market has outperformed every other asset class.

Gold by 1,025 to 1…

Real estate by 1,791 to 1…

And bonds by 150 to 1, as seen in the chart below.

Investing in the stock market remains the best way to grow your wealth.

But the thing is, even the most popular and innovative stocks drop due to worldwide events, market manipulation and other factors.

However, we’ve developed a strategy to profit big each time a great stock takes a dip.

There’s Money in Bounce-Back Stocks

Paul Mampilly and his team have been working on a brand-new rebound investment strategy, and the results have been incredible.

An 82% gain on Ford’s rebound in 17 days…

A 75% gain on Zillow in seven days…

An 80% gain on Ulta Beauty in 17 days…

All told, our beta test produced gains of 1,228% in just 90 days.

That’s right — 90 days!

And we’re preparing to release the details of this strategy next Wednesday, May 29. The only way to secure your seat is to register here.

The deadline to register is today, May 25, at midnight EDT.

You won’t want to miss out on what Paul will show you about his new rebound strategy. So click here now to secure your spot as one of the first readers of our newest options service.

Week in Review

Monday, May 20: This week, Paul Mampilly, Amber Lancaster and Ian Dyer join us on video to discuss how you can Beat Market Insiders That Game the System. Among the many naysayers you see on TV and read about online, you’ll find a great deal of panicking. While market dips can be intimidating, Paul, Amber and Ian want to give you a light at the end of a volatile tunnel. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, May 21: In this week’s update, Paul reveals the best way to Reap the Profits When a Stock Rebounds. Did you know there’s a trading strategy investors have been using for 80 years that you’ve never heard of? Be sure to click here to watch and find out all about Paul’s new options service that could bring you incredible gains.

Wednesday, May 22: Amber tells you how you can buy into a stock for an Epic Rebound: 253% Gain in 5 Days! Sometimes, even the most favorable stocks can suffer from a market dip. This is usually due to outside factors. And once those resolve, the stock can bounce right back up, and sometimes even higher. Click here to read more about how you can trade with future gains in mind.

Thursday, May 23: Ian outlines how Pot Stocks Ride the 7,381% Marijuana Boom in this week’s update. The marijuana industry has skyrocketed over the last few years, and the various companies headlining this surge are too. Click here to find out how you can take advantage of this trend.

Friday, May 24: Nick writes about a great example of how you can Buy Into Rebound Stocks for Rocket Returns. The world of video streaming has truly taken off over the last few years, riding on the backs of companies such as Netflix and Hulu. But one streaming powerhouse has only recently made a rebound on the market. Click here to read more about that rebound and how you can invest in similar bounce-back stocks.


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