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No. 1 Question When Selling Stocks

No. 1 Question When Selling Stocks

Wall Street investors think they have all the answers when it comes to buying and selling stocks.

But the reality is, even the top investors in the game forget to ask the most important question when selling a stock out of their portfolio.

In this week’s video, I reveal what question you should keep in mind the next time you sell out of a stock.

Check it out below.

Bold Profits Daily
May 21, 2019

Hey everyone. This is Paul with your Bold Profits Daily.

Today I am going to do something different. I am going to give you some incredibly valuable ways to understand and look at the market. Then I am going to tell you about a service we are starting that takes advantage of this knowledge.

Those of you who follow me know that from my 20-plus years of experience on Wall Street I created this system called GoingUpness. I get made fun of. People think it’s funny, made up or it’s a marketing gimmick. I am here to tell you it’s all untrue.

It’s real. It’s a real system. It’s based on behavioral finance, trading tactics and strategies and more than anything else, it’s based on the way Wall Street actually works. This is how Wall Street actually makes their money.

What is the big secret around GoingUpness? The big secret around GoingUpness is something so simple that most people will say, “Hmmmm. I don’t know, Paul.” So what is it? Let me just lay out an example.

Yesterday, there was this panic. Google is going to do something to Huawei, a Chinese company. So a lot of stocks fall down by 5%, 7% or 10%. Many people will panic and say, “There must be a huge problem. Goldman Sachs says there’s a problem. Morgan Stanley says there’s a problem.”

What are you not thinking about? You’re selling and still someone is buying. Who is that person? No one tells you that and no one thinks about that. The reality is, the vast majority of transactions in the stock market happen between you and some other entity. It’s almost never another individual seller just like you.

It’s perhaps some big hedge fund, an investment bank or a group of people we call market makers. In other words, people who are middle men in the stock market who are willing to absorb stock when you are panicked. Equally, they are willing to give you stock at much higher prices when you feel good.

This central assumption of GoingUpness is what is going to be the center and focus of a new service we are going to be releasing at Bold Profits. It’s going to be called Rebound Profit Trader. The idea behind it is the simplest thing.

When a lot of people go to sell all at once — if you’ve got a lot of potatoes, tomatoes or computer chips and you need liquidity overnight, even if there’s nothing wrong with whatever you are trying to sell, you are forced to sell at a discount. What happens later on to the person buying?

They take that and try to sell it for higher prices. The same thing happens in the stock market. We have created a service called Rebound Profit Trader to take advantage of that. That goes into all of the various different elements of GoingUpness.

As an incentive for you to sign up, check out the video I made, promote the service and tell you about it, we are going to give you our GoingUpness manual for free so you can read through it.

We’ll have a link included where you can download it. Read it completely free — keep it. If you never decide to sign up for anything, you still get to keep it. That’s my gift from me to you. This will help you. You will understand a little bit more about the stock market.

I would encourage you to sign up for our Hot List where you can get information on Rebound Profit Trader and they’ll let you know when the event goes live so you can tune in and understand everything about this strategy. If you would like to, you can also decide to buy.

That’s my Bold Profits Daily for you this week. Before I go I want to tell you to like, share and subscribe. We’d love your support. We do this for free. Anything you can do is a great help to us. Consider signing up for the Hot List so you can get information on Rebound Profit Trader. We’ll make sure to include the download in the description below.

Until next time, this is Paul saying bye.

If I’m Selling … Then Who’s Buying?

When we hear about how a company or an industry is going down, it causes Main Street investors to spin into a panic and sell their shares in the process.

But instead of a crash, like all of the news sites predict, the stock will come back after those panic sellers are gone.

And the question we should be asking ourselves when the news media report a stock’s crash is simply this: If everyone’s selling, then who’s buying?

The answer to who’s buying could be you, if you know how to invest using my GoingUpness system. You can read all about that for free here.

Knowing when to sell and when to buy is crucial for making the most of your money in the market. That’s why Ian Dyer and I created a new service built on the philosophy of “buy low, sell high”: Rebound Profit Trader.

This brand-new service centers around buying into stocks that have fallen victim to temporary market dips and riding these stocks as they rebound to new highs, bringing you even greater profits.

If you want to bring in gains of 1,000% or more with Rebound Profit Trader, then click here to learn more.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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