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Strong Hands Success — The No. 1 Stock Strategy for 2020

Strong Hands Success — The No. 1 Stock Strategy for 2020

If there’s only one thing you take away from Bold Profits — always hold strong hands.

We know it can be hard, especially during times of volatility like we’ve seen in recent months. The mainstream headlines will have you terrified of some coming crisis.

But every week, we were there for you, to guide and reassure you that our strong hands would prevail…

And we were right.

Just take a look at some of our recent headlines compared to the mainstream hogwash over the last few months:

why banyan hill publishing is better than market watch
And lucky for us, we have amazing readers. They trusted us to look past all the negativity and guide them.

Stocks are hitting new highs … our economy is booming … and a recession? Nowhere in sight.

Our prediction that we’re actually in a secret boom — as Paul Mampilly calls it — is proving to be true.

Our superstar team continues to lead you to life-changing gains. Across our services, we’ve locked in gains of 199%, 333% and 393% for our readers. And it all starts in Paul’s flagship publication Profits Unlimited.

If you haven’t quite mastered the Bold Profits strategy yet, this is where you start. Paul will guide you and shed light on the bigger picture of what’s really happening in the markets.

And he will show you how to hold our strong hands to make big gains like the ones mentioned above. Go here to get started today.

We know investing’s not always easy. It requires courage, conviction, belief and tenacity to fight through the tough times in the market. Our seasoned readers know — they even encourage us to continue holding strong hands.

Just look at what one reader, Andrea, sent to Paul this week:


She sent all of our gurus strong hands! Thank you, Andrea!

We’ve seen the proof that we were right to hold strong hands this year. And we believe the market is setting up to go even higher in 2020 — so stick with us.

We’ll continue to bring you what you deserve: the very best advice, insight and recommendations week after week.

Week in Review

Monday, October 28: This week, Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster give the Power to the People: Wall Street Bows to Investor Revolution. Right now, we’re on the verge of the biggest revolution being led — not by the market makers or big-time investors — but by Main Street investors. Click here to watch this week’s video and find out what’s causing the biggest Wall Street shake-up in 100 years.

Also, Amber’s Macro Monday — Tesla Fuels 2020 Solar Opportunity was released. This month’s Macro Monday covered “The Fabulous 5” most fascinating economic charts Amber saw in October, as well as some surprising news from Tesla that stunned the markets. Click here to watch this month’s report.

Tuesday, October 29: Paul asks you a simple question: Are You Leaving 1,000% Gains on the Table? Brokerages are finally going commission-free, a refreshing change from when Paul started investing. And there’s another way you can capitalize on more freedom when trading with big brokerages. Click here to find out how to avoid missing out on 1,000% gains.

Wednesday, October 30: Amber reveals why E-Tailing Will Disrupt Your Next Car Purchase. Car buyers spend 59% of their time online, researching, and 78% use third-party sites to shop. This disruption is sending online car purchasing on a tear. Now’s the time to buy into this trend before it rockets to a $55 billion market by 2022. Click here to find out the best ETF to buy today.

Thursday, October 31: Nick Tate discusses the Rise of the “BioBots” — 2 Great Ways in Before the 1,180% AI Surge. Medical robots are leading a new biotech revolution — helping paralyzed people walk again, delivering drugs and pain meds, and even assisting hospital nurses and surgeons. Click here to find out the best way to buy into the global robotics market.

Friday, November 1: Ian Dyer explains how you can invest in 56 Stocks in 1 … Now’s the Time to up Your 3D-Printing Stake. 3D printing made it past the hype cycle, and now it’s primed to soar. The market is expected to grow from $10.87 billion in 2018 to $44.4 billion in 2025. Click here to discover why now is the time to invest before this market shoots up an amazing 308%!


Your Bold Profits Team

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