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My No. 1 Investment for Your 2021 Portfolio

My No. 1 Investment for Your 2021 Portfolio

You have it!

The whole team’s biggest, boldest predictions for 2021.

Our forecast spread across seven America 2.0 sectors — including new energy, blockchain real estate, and space.

But some of you may be wondering where to start investing.

The answer: Well, I have a treat for you!

Five trades under my own “ticker” link to every prediction my team made. (Plus, a bonus I’m going to share with you today.)

Check out my new prediction follow-up video to find out the five investments I recommend for your 2021 portfolio:

STIXX Portfolio: 5 ETFs to Buy for 2021 Stock Trends

I am going to kick this off by telling you how you can get in on pretty much all the predictions we told you about yesterday. When you think about this, you will see that all of it is really encompassed in this. It’s in something I have been talking about for many years now.

I am going to lay it out again: My STIXX portfolio. I have been talking about STIXX for a long time. It is something that would have gotten you into the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), new energy, precision medicine — it would get you into our predictions for 2021.

Look at Ian’s predictions about crypto. Look at Tamara’s predictions about the housing market and the coming of smart contracts, Patrick’s predictions in terms of new companies entering the Dow, Amber’s predictions about new energy. How can you get all this? STIXX is the answer.

Or, look at mine, whether it be space, the emergence of 3D printing as becoming one of the key pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0, as well as what I’m expecting with crypto and Bitcoin. STIXX is the answer.

What is STIXX? You can go back and check all the videos I have made on STIXX over the last few years. It’s an acronym I made up that is comprised of five ETFs. Those of you who are unaware what an ETF is, please go back and check on our videos where I laid out what an ETF is.

I am going to tell you why STIXX gets you into every, single one of our predictions. That’s because when you start with STIXX, the S is for the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (Nasdaq: SMH).

When you think about this, whether it be space, new energy, crypto or 3D printing, what do all these have in common? They have semiconductors. They have sensors. They have chips. SMH is the best ETF that gets you into a vast array of semiconductors, chips and sensors in all these things.

They are going to have to be utilized in huge numbers. You know the companies that make them are going to get bid up in response. The SMH ETF, even though it has gone up a great deal over the last few years, is still a good bet.

We are going to need thousands, millions and billions of these chips, sensors and semiconductors for all these predictions to come true. So that’s the first element of STIXX.

The second element of STIXX is the Invesco Solar ETF (NYSEArca: TAN). Even though it says “solar ETF” it has all the elements of new energy. It has solar companies and solar company technologies in it. This is an ETF that has done incredibly well.

If you want to get in on Amber’s prediction for the continuation of what I believe is going to be an extraordinary transition from carbon-based energy to natural, alternative energy, this is the ETF that is going to give you access to these technologies, all the companies and exposure to this transition to batteries, solar power and all the other associated new forms of energy we are transitioning to at record speed.

This is why the stock prices of these companies, I believe people are going to come to bid them up. That is ETF number two. S and T are now covered in STIXX.

The third one gets to what Tamara was talking about with housing and smart contracts. Anyone who has gone to finance a house knows what a nightmare the current financial system is. They ask you for all these paper documents. They lose them. They ask you again and again. It’s crazy.

Imagine you could just wipe it all away and just do it by owning or buying into a crypto-based smart contract where all of it is done like that [snaps fingers]. You could close on a house in a few minutes, 30 minutes, as opposed to the terrible process today we have to endure through.

Providing paperwork, it gets lost, closings and settlements taking 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. Instead, smart contracts can get you there like that [snaps fingers]. iShares US Home Construction ETF (BATS: ITB) is the housing ETF that will benefit from the emergence of smart contracts and the introduction of crypto into our financial system.

You can bet housing will benefit from smart contracts being implemented. That’s number three. We have gone through S, which is semiconductors. T, which is energy and I, which is for housing. Now we have the last two.

The first one is Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSEArca: XLI). This is the industrials ETF. This is a way of getting into so many different parts of our economy that are going to be benefiting from the recovery that is going on right now.

We are slowly going to bring back the making of things that we have shipped out for 20 years to China, Mexico and so many other countries. That’s the industrial economy. XLI is an industrial ETF. We are going to benefit from that. That comes from a prediction I was talking about which is that we will see record GDP growth in 2021.

It’s going to be the highest we have seen in 20 years. This is what I believe. Everything is setting up for that. The industrial economy is going to be critical for that. It’s also a way for you to get in on something that I talked about: the emergence of the space economy.

It does require the industrial economy to make these things. You do have to make the spaceships, you have to make the engines. So to get in on all these things, there’s XLI. It gets you in the industrial economy and it’s ETF number four.

The last one was largely untouched in terms of predictions, but the revolution that is going on in healthcare, biotech and precision medicine is unfolding. The last X in STIXX gets you into that.

We didn’t have specific predictions on it but I can tell you as an add-on prediction that I believe a huge amount of the market capitalization that is currently in companies like Pfizer, Merck and Bristol Myers is going to pour out of there and into companies that do molecular-based testing.

These companies can tell you, with a great degree of accuracy, what your diagnosis actually is. Second, it can match up the right drug that is right for you based on your genetic code. The last ETF in STIXX is SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSEArca: XBI). This is a biotech ETF.

Those are the five ETFs that I believe get you into our predictions for 2021. If you want to get into our predictions through five phenomenal ETFs, STIXX is the way to go.

I will have another one of these videos for you next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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