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No. 1 “Housing” Stock to SELL

No. 1 “Housing” Stock to SELL

Story Highlights:

  • We predict the housing market to double which means a big surge to certain home retailers.
  • Sell this old-world company before it goes bankrupt by the end of 2030.
  • Paul’s vision for America 2.0 real estate and the one stock to BUY today.

$33 trillion. Big, right?

Now double it.

That’s where we predict the U.S. housing market will go in America 2.0.

Think about what that means for businesses that are in the home realm. People need to fill their homes with furniture, decorations, plants and whatever else.

It’s actually one of my favorite things to do — decorating my place. In the past six months, I have probably changed the color scheme of my furniture twice!

More and more millennials are taking advantage of record-low interest rates and coming to buy their first homes.

And I believe more America 2.0 retailers will see a surge in demand.

But not all.

Some companies failed to adapt to the America 2.0 transformation … or to the generation of Americans that are currently dominating the real estate boom and transforming the way we shop.

That’s why it’s just as important to sell old-world stocks as it is to buy into the new. You don’t want America 1.0 dragging down your portfolio gains…

This Blacklist Stock Has No Place in Your Portfolio

One home stock made it to our BlacklistPaul’s list of 100 stocks you should sell in America 2.0.

The reason behind the sell is pretty simple: This is an old-world company we expect to be bankrupt by the end of 2030.

Home Depot Inc. (NYSE: HD).

Mortgage applications were 40% higher at the end of August than last year. But Home Depot won’t see much of that boost going into its own sales.

You see, this company lacks the most crucial element of Paul’s GoingUpness strategy: InDemandness.

Yes, back in the day, Home Depot was glorious.

But only because there was nothing else. There weren’t other innovators in the industry to offer new-world solutions and experiences.

And HD was one of the stocks for the baby boomer generation.

Shopping at big brick-and-mortar stores for hours on end to fill their homes with décor was a fun past time … but now millennials are flipping the script.

We can’t stand walking down aisle after aisle searching high and low for that thing the store probably ran out of.

We’d rather be sitting comfortably at a coffee shop or in the actual room we’re decorating by browsing a website!

No more misplaced products. No need to play hide and seek with a sales associate. No more waiting in a huge checkout line.

And because of that, I believe stocks such as Home Depot will go straight to zero despite the America 2.0 real estate boom.

So the first action you can take today: Sell Home Depot (NYSE: HD) if you own it in your portfolio.

Get the Real Winners for America 2.0 Home Retailers

Growing up with siblings, I never had my own room to decorate. But now … there’s a new Wayfair order showing up at my door every other week.

Wayfair is a new-world version of Home Depot. You can use its America 2.0 technology to see how an item will look in your room.

And then check out all from an app or website in the comfort of … ANYWHERE you want!

With 92 million strong millennials and more people staying at home, Wayfair has soared over 1000% since its bottom in March!

It’s America 2.0. And it’s exactly the kind of stock we look for in Profits Unlimited. It’s not the only one. We currently have 33 open America 2.0 positions in our portfolio!

America 2.0 companies are going strong, drawing in more buyers to push up those stocks to new 52-week highs!

Don’t waste your time or money on old-world stocks such as Home Depot. Buy the ones that will give you more opportunities for incredible gains.

If you need help identifying what stocks have GoingUpness — I recommend checking out Profits Unlimited.

By our judgment, the stocks Paul recommends will become massive winners as the real estate boom keeps unfolding.

From the Amazon Inc. of real estate to companies that are revolutionizing the way we find properties.

Since its inception four years ago, this equal-weighted portfolio is up 173%!

So for your second action today: Just click here to learn more about our America 2.0 vision and the No. 1 stock to BUY now.


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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