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No. 1 Black Friday Deal for America 2.0

No. 1 Black Friday Deal for America 2.0

Happy Turkey Day!

Back in high school, this day had a different meaning for me.

After filling up on a terrific meal, I had to mentally prepare for work that night — folding clothes for hours on end at the local mall.

When Black Friday rolled around … phew! You know.

If you’ve ever braved the Black Friday crowds, you’d see that all that folding gets demolished in minutes. The leftovers scattered in piles on the floor.

Let’s just say, I’ll never work another Black Friday in retail.

Thinking about it today — with Paul’s voice in my head — Black Friday seems like the perfect example of America 1.0.

It’s America 2.0 counterpart: Cyber Monday.

Why fight the large crowds, long lines, and occasional fighting, when you could check off your shopping list for the exact same price on Cyber Monday … from the comfort of your home.

One study predicts U.S. online holiday sales will reach $189 billion this year. That’s a 33% increase from 2019.

Like many America 2.0 changes, online shopping is here to stay.

And I predict this exciting new purchasing behavior will help to leap the Dow Jones Industrial Average into 100,000.

No Room for Brick-and-Mortar in the Rise to Dow 100K

Getting into your car to do some good old brick-and-mortar shopping is part of the America 1.0 buying experience.

Clicking through a store’s website conveniently in your own home is the Fourth Industrial Revolution forming America 2.0. And this year launched more people into online shopping.

At this point, it might even be the first place you turn to before picking up your keys for a trip to the store.

But in the current Dow 30 not a single company has originated their business solely in a digital marketplace.

Walmart allows you to buy stuff online, but its presence online only amounts to about 5.8%. Compare that to Amazon’s 37% e-commerce market share, which isn’t part of the Dow 30.

The adoption of online shopping is going into overdrive this holiday season.

Remember, online holiday sales are set to skyrocket up 33% higher this year in the U.S.

To put that into context 2019 only saw its e-commerce sales grow 13% over 2018’s numbers.

Plus, Cyber Monday sales are expected to grow to $12.7 billion — a 35% increase from 2019, while Black Friday is looking to bring in roughly $10 billion.

Black Friday might not go away, but to continue to get the stellar sales numbers it will have to go digital. And enter America 2.0 territory.

As I’m writing this, the Dow just broke above 30,000! However, in order for it to continue its march to our six-figure goal, it’ll have to swap out the traditional brick-and-mortar stores for online-focused stocks.

Best Black Friday Deal of 2020: Capture e-Commerce’s Extreme Gain

Online shopping isn’t new.

But it is accelerating fast this year.

Even with the gains some e-commerce tickers have seen, we see more growth ahead.

We are still extremely bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on the continuing transition away from the physical and into the digital.

And that these digital-focused companies will help push the Dow to 100K!

To make sure you’re set to profit, we’ve got a special Black Friday deal for you — an America 2.0 approved steal.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to produce phenomenal returns for years and years.

That’s why Paul is putting together a special bundle for all of his stock services. The stocks from these portfolios have seen gains of 455%, 748%, and recently 1,242%!

That’s just the start of how far these stocks can go.

Keep an eye out for a special message from Paul on this tomorrow. He’ll tell you exactly how you can lock in this opportunity.

In my opinion, it’s the best new digital Black Friday deal out there this year.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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