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Next TSLA? New Stocks for the EV 2.0 Rollout

Next TSLA? New Stocks for the EV 2.0 Rollout

There’s a fever spreading. People are on the hunt for the “next Tesla.”

And I’ve shown you my take on the battery of the future and my No. 1 pick. Click here if you haven’t seen my new video on the 12-million-mile battery.

Now, don’t troll me on this. But right now — in my opinion — TSLA is still king with huge growth ahead.

It got me thinking though.

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to profit from the fast growth of electric vehicles 2.0 … electric vehicles with autonomous capability. We’ll call it EVAC.

Tesla is still leaving its competition in the dust in the EVAC space.

But did you know that it takes more than one mega trend to bring EVACs to life?

In fact, there are three industries that I believe are essential for the success of EVACs in America 2.0 and I’ll tell you what stocks to buy today:

I told you in today’s video that I’ll be adding a new Tesla-like play in my flagship Profits Unlimited model portfolio.

I don’t want you to miss it.

And there’s another play that gets the heart of EVs — the battery.

I believe it stands to be the No. 1 stock to benefit from the new battery powered energy revolution. Since I recommended it, it’s already up around 115% in 11 months … with the potential to shoot higher.

Be sure you’re set up to get these EV picks now. Click here for the full scoop.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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