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Next Tesla, Bitcoin, Google Is … SPACE!

Next Tesla, Bitcoin, Google Is … SPACE!

People always ask me: “What’s the next big investing opportunity?”

You know the one that will be on the same level as investing in … fill in the blank:

Tesla, bitcoin, Google…

Well, today, it’s SPACE!

From SpaceX to 3D printing with moon soil and Mars by 2024 — there’s just so much to get excited about!

I’m a space junkie and I know all this excitement = opportunity.

But here’s the secret to big gains. Why Tesla, bitcoin and Google are investing standards that make us want to find the NEXT one.

The secret … watch here and see how to get your space opportunities:

Hey everyone. It’s Paul with this week’s video. This week I want to talk about space. I get this question all the time: What is the one place where you think the next Bitcoin, Google, Netflix, Apple is going to give that kind of return?  For some time now I have been saying it’s space.

If you look at the things that usually mark big investments, the vast majority of investors are not focused on it. Most people are focused on the stocks that are rising today or whatever is being written about a lot.

Research is Showing…

If you are researching things the way we do — trade journals, YouTube channels, Twitter — these sources where people are truly passionate about a field, company or technology. They start showing you the capabilities of the technology and show you there is a big and growing audience that oftentimes translates into being a big investor base.

If you go on YouTube — and YouTube is definitely the place to do your research on space — there are channels like Everyday Astronaut. They actually got the privilege of being able to interview Elon Musk with a tour of the SpaceX facilities over several hours.

They released it over three episodes. I make it a point to watch every Saturday. It’s an amazing channel that tells you everything that’s going on. If you watch any of the test flights of SpaceX on the SpaceX channel or NASA, you will see there are millions of people around the world tuning in for every event.

That is a very good sign often for investing. You have the underground if you will. It’s bubbling around. There are people who are excited. You know there is some percentage of them who are thinking this is also an investment opportunity.

That’s the way I think of it as well. I am a space 2.0 junkie. I believe we are going to see men on Mars soon. Elon Musk says prior to 2024 and NASA says 2024. I know it’s coming soon. Soon after, I believe there’s going to be an acceleration. We are going to see a lot of facilities put into space.

So Many New Companies!

Things like refueling depots, depots for restocking spaceships on their way to lunar colonies, NASA talks about a 3D printer that’s going to use moon soil to construct things. In other words, this is really beginning to go and go fast. Also, we’ve seen lots of companies come public that are rocket makers.

There are service providers. There’s now so many more companies than there was just a year ago. It points to me that we are going to have a space boom and we are going to have a space boom in the stock market. People will look back in three years and say it was so obvious.

“I coulda, I shoulda, I woulda.” Then, they will ask me the same thing again: So what’s the next one. I’m telling you ahead of time, this is the next one. This is Bitcoin in 2011. This is Tesla in 2017. You have to get in before all the information and hype is there and before people can see a stock has gone up a great deal.

You have to get in before all that happens. That way when everybody else figures out that space is huge, they come in and bid the stock higher. That’s the secret to big gains. The key is, you have to get in before everybody else and then see their demand come and bid prices higher.

I have been stoked about the space opportunity for more than a year. Enough that I persuaded my very skeptical publisher and my skeptical team to write an entire video promotion on space and this incredible opportunity going on right now. If you want to check into that, click on the strong hands.

It will take you to my video promotional video on space. It will give you, if you subscribe to Profits Unlimited — which is my multi-cap flagship newsletter — access to a report that has three stocks that we believe are critical to the new space race that’s going on.

That’s this week’s investment video. I’ll be back next week with another one. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.


Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: As you just heard straight from Paul, space is the NEXT big investment to watch. And the secret to big gains is getting in early. That time is now. We put together a report that features not one … not two … but THREE space stocks you can buy now for a potential piece of the next big investment. Hey. Not every stock will be a winner, but check out Paul’s case for these three in his space special video here.


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