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Next for SpaceX = Investing Launch Point

The new space industry is taking off … for the moon!

Starship — SpaceX and Elon Musk’s latest rocket ship — is set to fly into space, land on the moon and start the process for creating a lunar colony.

And that’s not all…

The “space factory” is the next step on the SpaceX ladder, and manufacturing in space is closer to reality than you think.

I believe SpaceX is laying the groundwork for a powerful America 2.0 space opportunity … just as big as Tesla and bitcoin.

But to make the big money, you have to think ahead. And invest now.

It’s not just one buy. There’s a handful of mega trends that will create space 2.0. Check it out here and get ready for this MASSIVE launch point for your investments:


Hey everyone. This week we have a lot going on: Tesla, Bitcoin and crypto. I just want to change the topic a little bit and talk about space because I haven’t talked about space in a little while. We have a launch coming up for SpaceX that’s supposed to happen today.

What Is Happening In SpaceX?

Then, there’s actually even bigger, more important stuff that’s about to happen within the space area of development. Starship is this massive rocket that SpaceX and Elon Musk are testing so we can first send it to space, send it to the moon and then create space depots, bases and lunar colonies so as to eventually colonize Mars.

They are go start to test this with its big booster. In other words, we are now going to be on the way to where this will be tested and proven out over the next 12 to 24 months. As this article says from Morgan Stanley, “SpaceX’s Starship may transform investor expectations about space.”

Morgan Stanley Article

Until now, most people are just missing it. I have come on this channel and told you that I believe space is the Bitcoin of 2011 or the Tesla of 2017. In other words, to make the big money you have to be ahead of other people. Most people come to Bitcoin or Tesla and think, “What’s the next one?”

Then they look within that world itself. You might find one, but oftentimes I think it comes from somewhere else. For example, I think many people who are looking for the next Apple never imagined it would be Tesla. I believe people who are looking for the next big thing, this is it: Space.

Right now the future is not discounted into the prices of the companies that are participating in this. The vast majority of people are thinking it’s too far out, it’s too sci-fi or something like that. Those are the places where the big money is made because when things happen, there is a surprise factor.

It now draws a lot of investors to come in and bid prices higher. That’s where you want to be if you are someone who is looking to make BMOT — big money over time. That’s what we’re about exclusively. We are not day traders, we are not about technical analysis, we’re not about short-term gains.

We are about making big money over time — one to three years. You know I have made a series of videos on space, you should check those out. I have setup the overall atmosphere for what is about to happen.



Real Estate In Space!

What is about to happen is we are starting to buy up real estate in space.

For example, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin says they are going to put up a private space facility so private companies can rocket up there and go do things and manufacture things. Microgravity has many advantages for the production of lots of things on Earth.

There are also certain things people might want to manufacture in space because we no longer want to pollute the Earth. I read this is one of the things that’s motivating people. Then I also found this story about SpaceX partnering with a company called Varda Space to launch the first space factory.

Space Factory Article

This is a necessary development for everything Elon Musk and SpaceX are looking to do, which is ultimately to set up a colony on Mars. There’s no way we can carry all the things we need to carry to Mars. There’s no way we can carry all the fuel. We can’t carry all the food.

We can’t carry buildings or bricks. We are going to have to do things quite differently. Think from the perspective that you have this big Starship. It has a huge payload capacity — the biggest in human history. What can we take to Mars? Well, we’re going to take 3D printers.

I actually even saw a story that NASA is experimenting with using moon soil in a 3D printer to make structures. I am certain we will do that with Martian soil. With respect to food, we now have vertical farming. We can actually take a these things to be able to have optimal farms we can put under a dome.

The underlying technology is all sitting in place for us to be able to become a space-faring species and a multi-planetary species. To talk about this now seems far off, but that’s what makes this such a big opportunity. Most people when it seems a little odd or even embarrassed to talk about it, that’s the big opportunity.

You think back when Tesla was making electric vehicles. People thought, “Those are for people who are weird and want weird cars. Nobody is going to buy them.” The same thing was true when Bitcoin first came out. “Bitcoin? Please. That’s for crazy people.” That’s where space is today.

If you talk about the details of space people are embarrassed by it. They think there’s something weird about it. However, I can tell you from my experience that’s the place where you want to be invested. If you are in Profits Unlimited or our other services, you know we have a number of rocket companies.


What Stocks Will Be Part Of The Space Revolution?

We also have a number of 3D printing companies because 3D printing is going to be the way we colonize the moon and Mars. We are going to use everything from synthesized protein like Beyond Meat and 3D printing to create food. We’ll also use vertical farming.

You can see that the many elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0 can be synthesized together. That will really form the basis of everything we do on the moon, on Mars and then as we have floating colonies on space we will start with some copy of what we have currently.

We will have labs and factories. In Profits Unlimited, you can have access to a special report. If you click on the strong hands, it will send you to my promotional video telling you all about space. We have three companies in there.

We have a 3D printing company, a chip company and then what I believe is a unique play on space. Of course we are going to have to fill the space up between the Earth and the moon. We are going to need refueling depots. We are going to need places where we grow food and store it.

No different than hundreds of years ago when we had explorers go to other continents and they would stop at islands to restock. We are going to have to do all those same things. This company uniquely, at least by my investigation, the only publically traded company in the position of infrastructure in space.

It’s very unique. It’s also very small. In other words, it has a market capitalization that is tiny, which means it can rocket up — with all puns intended. If you want access to our three space picks, which are all phenomenal — like I said, it’s 3D printing, chips. You know that Starship?

It’s filled with sensors and chips, but these are specialized chips. They have to be radiation hardened. You have the sun out there and you don’t have the protective atmosphere of Earth. You have to protect them. There are only a few companies that specialize in these chips.

We focused on one company in Profits Unlimited for our space pick. Finally, like I mentioned, infrastructure. We are going to have to position a lot of infrastructure. First between us and the moon and then between us and other planets.

It’s amazing to think what you once read in books is coming real right now. I’m very BOP — bullish, optimistic, positive — on space. I believe this is the next big thing. That’s it for this week. Come back next week and I’ll see you then. This is Paul saying bye.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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