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Next Robinhood? 1 EV IPO to Watch

Next Robinhood? 1 EV IPO to Watch

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Robinhood, it’s that the world of IPO investing can be a HUGE opportunity for you!

Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD) doubled in just five trading days after its IPO. You can see my IPO trading strategy here.

And now, I’ve got my eyes trained on the next big trades for America 2.0. There’s one we’re watching, and it’s in one of our favorite mega trends…

Electric vehicles (EVs)!

New battery technology has EVs becoming more affordable and going even farther than ever.

Watch today’s Market Talk to learn more about the growing EV market, IPOs with Robinhood-like potential and how you can invest:


Hello, Bold Profits Nation! Welcome to Market Talk Monday!  Please check out this chart.

Robinhood IPO

Robinhood, a trading app that aims to make finance and investing accessible to everyone, had its initial public offering on July 29 at $38/share.

On Aug. 4th just five days after its IPO, Robinhood hit a high of $85/share gaining as much as 123%.  It’s share price has since settled a bit, now trading around $58 at the time of this recording, which is an impressive gain of nearly 53% within just 7 days of its trading debut.

I’m focusing on this stock because Paul saw the promise of this company before it IPO’d.  He shared internally with our investment team that he believes this stock will be the “Google” for a new generation of individual investors.

Pauls Youtube

Not wanting to keep this information to himself, on July 13 he alerted loyal Bold Profits Daily watchers & readers, just like you, ON THIS YT channel that it’s probably a good time to consider buying into the RH IPO.   Were you one of the viewers who followed his recommendation?  Please let me know in the comments section of this video.

The world of IPO investing can be quite exciting and potentially lucrative as Paul showed with Robinhood’s IPO.

That’s why for today’s Market Talk. I’m taking a few minutes to share details on a Fourth Industrial Revolution market that’s projected to grow exponentially, per a late-breaking Bloomberg study, and one highly anticipated U.S. IPO that stands to gain from this record growth.  Plus, how you can invest in IPOs Paul’s way via his IPO Speculator Trading service

Let’s get started.


Bloomberg Presents

Early this morning, while scouring the Bloomberg terminal for news and stats, as I do every morning, Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance division presented this blockbuster report.

Bloomberg article

They’re predicting At Least Two-Thirds of Global Car Sales Will Be Electric by 2040. And that Internal combustion engine vehicles have already peaked, while electric cars are getting cheaper and going farther.

Lithium Battery Chart

Global Passenger Chart

As Lithium-ion battery pack prices decline, as seen in this historical price chart, global passenger electric vehicles sales are forecast to increase an amazing 2,100% by 2040, rising from 3 million in 2020 to 66 million EVs. And the most compelling statistic from their report is that it’s not just cars that are set to be EV disrupted.  Buses and two-and three wheelers will quote “maintain the top EV adoption rates.”

In 2020 new sales of electric two and three wheelers accounted for 44% of sales in that segment. By 2040 that sales number is projected to increase to 83%. While sales of electric powered buses, passenger cars, light, medium, and heavy commercial vehicles are all forecast to grow greatly over the next 19 years.


EV Market going IPO

These EV stats bring me pack to the subject of IPOs.  There’s one U.S. EV maker that’s rumored to possibly go IPO and that company is American EV automaker Rivian.

Rivian Announcement

Personally, I’m fascinated with cars since I was pre-teen, especially groundbreaking high-performance vehicles.  Truly Exhilarating. So, this possible IPO definitely piqued by interest.  Seen as one of the next generation car makers, Rivian hasn’t officially announced its initial public offering date, but checking my Bloomberg,

as seen in this corporate actions screenshot, the company announced the closure of a $2.5 billion round of private funding on July 23.  The consortium of companies financing this latest round of private funding included Amazon, Fidelity Management & Research and Ford Motor Co. This is in addition to rounds of funding since 2019 that totaled $8B.  And as reported by Market Realist, an unidentified Bloomberg source says Rivian has already met with underwriters to start taking care of impending IPO proceedings. The lead underwriters are whispered to be Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.  Plus, the company may seek up to a $70 billion valuation for its IPO.  Big Backers like Amazon are already believers in Rivian’s product line.

Amazon has ordered 100K Rivian delivery trucks.  And Rivian’s two flagship electric passenger vehicles the R1T, a pickup truck, and R1S a sport utility vehicle are already whetting the appetite of would be EV buyers.


The R1T has a quad-motor that goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds with a towing capacity up 11,000 lbs, and water wading depth of 3+ Feet while the R1S has similar capabilities but with a towing capacity up to 7,700 lbs.  Both have an estimated driving range of 300+ miles.   And aim to deliver true hands-free driving assistance by equipping their vehicles with 11 cameras 5 radars 12 ultrasonic sensors and a 360 degree field of vision.

As a Motley Fool writer put it quote “Rivian is building a valuable brand and products that will appeal to the masses.” End quote.

So, the key IPO lesson here is to seek out IPOs from companies that offer a product lineup the customers will use repeatedly.  As Market Realist points out quote “A repetitive singular business ensures that the company will have sustained sales as long as it keeps up with competition and customer retention.”

Now if you like the prospects of IPOs, as seen with the potential Rivian public offering and if you like gains seen in Paul’s recent Robinhood recommendation, I think you may love Paul’s IPO Speculator Service. Paul has identified the common thread… the DNA if, you will, of the most-profitable IPO opportunities and aims to find on avg. 12 companies a year that will see triple digit gains.

That concludes this week’s Market Talk Monday. Thanks everyone for tuning in!  Until next time, Take Care!

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

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