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Next-Level EV Recommendation

Next-Level EV Recommendation

Get ready to reach the next level of investing!

Bold Profits is always looking ahead — eyes on the future. The same goes for your portfolio. It’s been a solid strategy so far. Take a look:

Paul and Team,

First I want to take the chance to thank you for the success I have enjoyed with the True Momentum service. Not only have I enjoyed investment success, I enjoy reading about the new technologies and how they will impact how we live and work.

I joined the True Momentum service shortly after it started. I opened a new stock account and invested $40K vowing to strictly invest in the True Momentum stocks in this account. Today [12/16/20] this account crossed the $200K mark making it a 400% gain.

I have followed the Rules of the Game “mostly.” One of your rules is “Find what matters to you, put gains toward the things that make you happy.” To this point I have reinvested all the gains. Now I want to take $100K of the gains and complete the purchase of our retirement house on the beach in Mexico.

— Jack

That’s awesome, Jack! What’s even more incredible is that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

America 2.0 is building the kind of momentum we love to see.

Nearly every mega trend — from the Internet of Things to blockchain to new energy — is all coming together.

But Paul believes the best may still lay ahead.

And he’s starting his next-level mission in electric vehicles (EVs). Paul says this is truly one of the coolest companies he’s ever come across.

This is a company that could single-handedly bring the entire EV market to its next level.

It already has $2 billion in contracts on the books with all the legacy and luxury automakers, as well as Tesla. Yes, Tesla is one of its customers.

You can see the full details about this recommendation and find out how you can take your portfolio to the next level by clicking here!

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Your Bold Profits Team

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