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New Stocks for Space Gains NOW: Don’t Wait

New Stocks for Space Gains NOW: Don’t Wait

It could be the most important industry in America 2.0.

The NEW space race.

I know, you’re thinking: “Paul, space is so far out in the future.”

But it’s not. It’s here now.

And you need to be in BEFORE the big money comes in with their billions and bid the best space stocks higher … meaning big gains for you.

I’ve found the top space stocks to get NOW — 2021! So here’s how you get in today:

No. 1: Check out my new space presentation to get details on the three hottest stocks you can buy now. Click here for the full scoop.

No. 2: Watch my Bold Profits Daily video to get three exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for the industries that are building the new space economy at the ground level:

3 Ways to Invest in The New Space Race

Before I say anything, I want to wish all of you a happy new year and tell you that I believe 2021 is going to be a phenomenal year filled with more of what we saw with America 2.0 stocks, new world stocks.

And, there’s also going to be something that I believe is going to be an extraordinary opportunity that I’ve hinted at here and there. Today, with this Bold Profits, I want to begin to give you some sense of how big it is and how I believe you can get in what is a ground-level opportunity that some of the biggest investors are getting in right now.

Some of you may have even read about this. Some of you may have seen this book called Rocket Billionaires. It’s about Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, Jeff Bezos and the new space race. Space is the place where these multi billionaires are pouring their time, resources and efforts into to dominate right now.

Many of you may be thinking, “Space seems so far away. I want to make my money today. Tell me something that is going to go up tomorrow.” I can tell you that when you look back, the biggest and best opportunities always feel a little early.

That’s how you make the big money. So how can you make the big money in space? Three different ways that you are likely never looking at as space opportunities, but they are absolutely critical to space.

Digital Steel

The very first way I would tell you is to just look at space. There’s a big spaceship, it’s huge. SpaceX’s Starship rocket is 12 stories high. In other words, you have this gigantic thing. Most obviously it’s made out of steel and has rivets. People think, “Paul, we can buy steel companies.”

No. That’s the wrong place to be. However, think what age we are in today. We are in the age of digital steel. What am I talking about? Digital steel is semiconductors, chips and sensors. What’s in that Starship that you see on the SpaceX channel? It’s filled from top to bottom with chips that measure, monitor, track and communicate everything going on with this spaceship.

They are constantly talking to computers both inside the spaceship, outside the spaceship, tracking stations all across the Earth and soon to be in space. While very few people are thinking about this, chips are one of the simplest and easiest ways you can get in on what I believe is going to be a huge space economy.

Forget inning one, it’s in the pregame warmup right now. In other words, all the big money is there to be made and you can get in on this. So that’s the first place where many people are not looking, which is chips.

Cloud Computing

The second place I would focus on is just think about what those chips do. They have all this information on what’s going on, the weather, fuel, the air temperature, the various pieces of the Starship, if there is anything that needs to be addressed. What is that? That’s data.

For that, you need a lot of computers that can process that data fast and make information out of it so that folks who are making life and death decisions, critical decisions that mean life and death to a spaceship hurtling toward the moon, mars, space hotels — all kinds of things that right now seem like sci-fi.

However, starting this year, you will start to see some of these things start to come true. With that, you will start to see space stocks and stocks of the new, including stocks like semiconductor stocks and chip stocks and then these stocks store information and process information very fast: cloud computing stocks.

That’s where all this information is going to sit. So that’s a second place that’s a hidden way of getting in on the coming space boom, the space economy and the space industry that you can benefit from.

3D Printing

What’s the third way you can invest in right now for space? 3D printing. Yes, that’s right, 3D printing. I believe 3D printing is a game changer. 3D printing is already responsible for as much as 40% to 50% of the parts at SpaceX, which is Elon Musk’s space company.

That’s how they make the parts for their rockets and spaceships and this is true for pretty much every current, modern-era space company. They are using 3D printing to revolutionize the design and making of spaceships. They have far fewer parts, they are much more resilient.

They are much more capable than what we were able to do before. This is an extraordinary way to get into the space revolution that no one else is telling you about. No one else is doing it right now because they lack the understanding and knowledge.

If you get in now and 3D printing starts to boom as 3D printers are going to be used for space, I believe you can make a lot of money. The secret to making a lot of money is you need to be in before the big money comes to bid it higher. That’s true whether it be chip companies, cloud computing or 3D printing.

You need to get in before the big money comes in. That way, when they come in with their billions of dollars they bid these stocks higher and those become gains in your portfolio. I know you like those.

3 ETFs to Invest in Space

If you are looking to invest in it, you can look up ETFs — and ETF is a basket of stocks — that have chips in it. There’s one that I have recommended for some time now: VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (NASDAQ: SMH). It has a vast array of chip companies, including some that have exposure to space.

You can also look up an ETF that has a basket of cloud-computing stocks: Global X Cloud Computing ETF (NASDAQ: CLOU). That will give you wide exposure to cloud-computing companies, including companies that are going to benefit from all the data and all the information the new coming space industry is going to be generating. So that’s the second way to benefit.

Or, you can also buy into an ETF that has 3D printing companies from around the world: 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT). That’s from our friends at ARK Invest and Cathie Wood. It’s also a phenomenal way of getting in on this industry at the ground level where you can make extraordinary amounts of money.

Those are three ways I would tell you you can get in on the space economy now. If you want to watch a special presentation that I have made on space for my Profits Unlimited newsletter, which has just issued a special report on space with three publicly traded companies, see the link below.

In the meantime, you can check on those three ETFs I mentioned and start to track companies like SpaceX that give you a real-time update on how the space opportunity develops. Of course, subscribe to our channel. We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with space as well.



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

P.S. America 2.0 is stretching its incredible, phenomenal, utterly amazing wings to space. I’m not just talking about heading to the moon or launching new satellites to orbit the Earth … think bigger. We’re on a conquest to Mars. The space industry is projected to hit $1.4 trillion in the next decade. As I said today, the time to position yourself for the biggest gains possible is RIGHT NOW. Click here to see the details about how I recommend getting in today.

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