A Stock Bigger Than Amazon and Google Combined

On Friday, I introduced the fourth mega trend in Profits Unlimited. This mega trend is new energy. New energy is energy that comes from natural sources. And it's going to be enormous.

In boarding school in India, we waited eagerly for power cuts.

Power cuts to us kids meant we could light our candles and play with wax. We’d light up pencils, erasers or anything that we could find.

We could also avoid our homework. Instead of doing work, we just played in the dark.

Power cuts happened so often, we knew how to walk in the dark to the mess hall to eat dinner. And then made the trek back to our dorm rooms with no light.

We got ready for bed using a few lanterns that ran on kerosene.


In India then, electricity was as much a luxury as a necessity. We knew how to live with or without it.

That was then. Today, in India and the world over, electricity, and more generally energy, is a necessity. Life stops when there is no energy.

In the United States, energy is the lifeblood of our economy. And right now, we’re undergoing a historic transition to a new form of energy.

This new form of energy is going to disrupt at least three major parts of our economy. And I believe it’s going to make massive fortunes for those who invest in it.

New Energy: a Mega Trend

On Friday, I introduced the fourth mega trend in Profits Unlimited. This mega trend is new energy.

New energy is energy that comes from natural sources.

Sources like the sun, wind, waves or geothermal.

The other thing about new energy is that it’s storable and portable.

Finally, the last thing about new energy is that it’s local, meaning you get your energy from a site that’s near you, like your house.

When you put it together, it means a revolution in how we live, work and travel.

This month, I told my readers in Profits Unlimited to buy into the company that’s leading the new-energy revolution … and that it’s going to be bigger than Amazon and Google combined.

You see, this company has products that touch every aspect of new energy, from getting its energy from natural sources, to storing it so it can be generated locally and finally, to making it portable so that it can be used for travel.

With those aspects combined, this company is set to disrupt three massive industries.

The Essence of “Disruptification”

These three industries are the utilities industry, the energy industry and the transportation industry.

By my estimate, the companies in the industries this single company is set to disrupt and potentially wipe out have a stock market value in excess of $7 trillion. The company that I’ve told Profits Unlimited readers about has the potential to go up 10 times, or 1,000%, from its current value.

You might think that this kind of thinking is crazy and just hype.

However, I can tell you that few people believed in the early days that Amazon would single-handedly dominate retailing.

Or that Google would have a near-monopoly on text advertising.

Or that Netflix would be a global powerhouse in video streaming.

The reason why these companies were able to build these astonishing, dominating businesses is because the technology they were using could be applied to already large business categories.

In other words, they were simply taking customers away from companies that were using old, outdated, obsolete technologies and ways of doing business.

This is the essence of “disruptification,” which I wrote about recently, where the old way of doing things are being replaced by new ways … in quick time.

Like What Netflix, Amazon and Google Did

Right now, the energy, utilities and transportation industries are about to go through what Netflix, Amazon and Google did a few years ago to their various industries.

The old is about to get wiped out, and the new is about to take its place.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to make massive gains if you are willing to buy into the new companies, like the one I just recommended to my Profits Unlimited readers.

Now, as you can imagine, I can’t give away the stock that I told my readers about because they’ve paid good money to get this kind of research.

However, I will say that investors will lose an incredible amount of money if they buy shares of old companies with old, outdated, obsolete technology. Sooner rather than later, these companies are going to get wiped out, and the stocks of these companies will go to zero.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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    The New Energy is an idea whose time has come. The benefits that it is storable and portable is an interesting
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    It sounds a lot like a company that manufactures solar panels for houses, power packs for residential or comertial, and electric cars with lvl 2 automation… can you guess? Hint: its based on California! 🙂

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    Yes, you have some educated investors with some capital, so we have paid for your advice. Where’s the beef? I’m tired of looking at all these charts of fantastic stock advances with no evidence that you have actually called any of them for your paying clients. GIVE US the STOCK NAME and symbol and quit with the propaganda!

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  • Sylvia

    The stock name for energy company is “NRG” Energy

  • Sylvia

    The energy stock is NRG

  • Sylvia

    The stock you are looking for is “NRG” Energy

  • Sylvia

    The stock for energy company is “NRG” Energy

  • Sylvia

    The energy stock bigger than Amazon and Google is “NRG” Energy

  • Sylvia

    It is NRG

  • Joseph Wesp

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