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Get the New Class of America 2.0 Stocks

Get the New Class of America 2.0 Stocks

We are Americans.

We snap back. We fight back. And that’s what we — and our economy — are doing.

It’s why this will be the greatest recovery in our history.

In fact, some analysts are already reporting that certain companies could reopen in the next five to seven weeks!

The companies that will have the easiest time getting “back to business” are the next class of America 2.0 stocks.

The sheer velocity of their rebound will SHOCK and STUN the naysayers. But we at Bold Profits will be far ahead of the earnings curve.

Check out this week’s Market Talk to meet the new elite 2020 class of America 2.0 stocks:

Market Talk April 27, 2020

Stock futures were up this morning as major economies around the world move toward reopening.

Stateside, the Retail Industry Leaders Association and the National Retail Federation are petitioning U.S. governors to begin the process of planning a simultaneous reopening of all aspects of the U.S. retail sector, with safety measures in place of course.

From storefronts to mall, warehouses to distribution centers, both retail groups want a nationwide reopening. Their six-page memo will be sent to U.S. governors today.

NABE logoA recent survey by the National Association of Business Economics showed that nearly 70% of U.S. business economists anticipate their company’s operations to return to normal within three to six months with more than a third being more optimistic anticipating a normalization of their business operations returning within five to eight weeks. [1]

It’s also worth noting that the survey respondents in the manufacturing and construction sectors were the most upbeat out of anyone.

Lastly, the survey revealed that 75% of respondents anticipate their companies to “stay afloat for more than six months without the need for government aid.”

This confirms other things we’ve have been reading. For example, the CEO of Bank of America has said based on credit card volumes, loan applications and the general flow that they see through their business, there has been a persistent undercurrent of consumer demand.

Based on stock prices and what the companies are saying, America 2.0 companies have actually accelerated.

We have seen a number of direct-to-consumer brands we own across our services that have seen accelerating sales.

America 2.0We have laid out for some time what we believe is going to be a historic recovery. We continue to say that this is the greatest recovery in our country’s history. It is going to be enormous and it is going to shock and stun people in its speed, strength and velocity.

It’s going to be something to behold.

That’s not to put down any part of the tragedy of seeing so many fellow Americans lose their lives over this last couple of months.

Nonetheless, we are Americans. We are enterprising, industrious, entrepreneurial. We snap back and we fight back. That is exactly what our economy is doing.

That’s what our country is doing and that is what our people are doing.

This is a moment where we will look back and we will come out of this stronger, greater, bigger and better. There are going to be some incredible numbers in Amber’s Macro Monday article as well.

Economic Releases

Please keep this in mind.

This week will be an extremely busy week where economic releases are concerned. There are 12 major releases. As you hear these releases, as Paul likes to remind us, so many aspects of the economy were effectively shutdown to flatten the virus curve so it will be quite understandable to see contractions in some of the U.S. economic data.

While we power through these econ releases, the Federal Reserve will be meeting this week on their next rate decision. No changes expected with their rate decision but they are saying the “policy makers have ample tools in place and at their disposal and they remain constructive on the outlook of the U.S. economy after a swift but sizeable contraction has run its course.” [2]

Weekly Economic Releases List 042720

We Are Producing and Consuming

We are going to get more perspective in the future. Hindsight is 20/20.

We have not seen GDP numbers, we have not seen productivity numbers, we have not seen capacity utilization numbers.

That’s because of this three-part scenario into the recovery that is happening right now.

  1. Our industrial production is way up. For this reason, the industrial sector will continue to experience high growth.All the consumption we are doing while staying at home, we are consuming a lot but not making very much of it because most production is shut down. We must make enough for our regular consumption, which is going to accelerate.
  2. Businesses are wiping out their inventory to fulfill current demand which means they have to refill that inventory. We need more inventory in case there are other crises that require us to have goods on hand and to have a stockpile of things that allow you to continue your business.
  3. And of course, as a result of the understanding of this crisis, people realize it is a bad idea to have all your production in China or even to have all of it in Asia. We need to have production staggered around the world.

That means on three fronts we are going to have production skyrocket higher. This is why the stock market continues to move higher, befuddling and confusing people who are looking at what is right in front of them.

I can tell you one of the best ways to benefit from what is going on right now is to buy into some of the newest companies of America 2.0.

These companies are new to the stock market, but not new to America necessarily. Some have gone through the private markets for three or five years, in many cases.

They have mature businesses and sales that are rocketing up. In some cases, they even have profits. Here and there they even pay dividends. This is the new class of America 2.0 companies. The new graduated class to the stock market. We believe they represent a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in at the ground floor.

Click the link to view my presentation on a service called IPO Speculator that focuses exclusively and only on this elite group of companies that we believe can generate incredible returns.

The Gig Economy is Heating Up

The Demise of American ManufacturingAs non-essential businesses close due to the virus, displaced workers are finding alternative ways to earn income.

Grocery Dive is reporting that non-grocery businesses are stepping into the food and online ordering delivery businesses.

From concierge services to window cleaning companies, these businesses are adjusting their work models to offer weekly grocery delivery services.

“With demand for grocery delivery booming and online retailers still adjusting to the surge in business, businesses that don’t typical delivery groceries have begun delivering supermarket orders to people’s homes.” [3]

With this growing demand for online sellers and suppliers, global fintech companies like Rapid Disperse, which offers a mass payout platform that services more than 100 companies around the world including the United States, are launching expanded global payout features to support the growing gig economy.

Per AI Authority, Significant changes in the economic landscape are moving businesses to get online and pay their suppliers, workers and partners electronically, quickly and easily. [4]

Fintechs like Rapid Disperse are making this happen.

America 2.0 & Housing

According to HousingWire, homebuying interest is on the rebound.

Zillow reported late last week that “overall visits to its website rebounded to levels higher than they were a year ago and there is clearly still interest among homebuying consumers.” [5]

What’s notable is though we’ve seen some sellers remove online listings in the last weeks due to the virus, these homeowners are not idle.

The National Association of Realtors is reporting that potential home sellers are taking this time while sheltering in place to spruce up their homes with curb appeal projects.

Stores that offer gardening supplies and building materials are weathering the pandemic as retail sales for building materials, gardening equipment and supply stores have seen an increase in their sales of 7% year-over-year per U.S. Census Bureau data. [6]

This all points to the likelihood of home sellers putting their houses back on the market as soon as possible.

We are still bullish, optimistic and positive, and realistic. We are not permabulls.

In time, many years from now, seven, 10, 12, maybe 15 years from now, when everyone else is optimistic that is when I will be less optimistic.

But right now, we are #BOP.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: The next class of America 2.0 stocks is new to the market. They are an elite group of companies Paul sees phenomenal potential in. He believes things will only accelerate from here. In fact, he thinks beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are entering the most prolific period of stock market profits in U.S. financial history. And we want you to claim your piece of it. Click here now.


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