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New Bold Profits Millionaire: Triple Your Money in 3 Years

New Bold Profits Millionaire: Triple Your Money in 3 Years

Imagine this: $1.1 million in your bank account in the next three years.

We know it can happen … because it just did for one of our readers.

And this story has fueled us to find more opportunities.

Its why we do everything we can to find the stocks and investments that can make a real difference in our readers’ lives.

We believe in our mega trends and this incredible era of America 2.0.

But more than that, we believe in YOU — our Strong Hands Nation!

And this wonderful message from a loyal Bold Profits reader shows that we can do it! Here’s what Barry sent us:

In 2017 I was first introduced to Profits Unlimited … I decided to follow your portfolio for a few months and compare against my own stock portfolio. It didn’t take but a few weeks to see there was a dramatic difference of the growth of the Profits Unlimited portfolio.

I slowly started selling my stock positions and adding those in your model portfolio. I starting seeing my brokerage account value rise steadily. 

In September of 2017, I decided to go ‘all in’ on my stock positions and follow the portfolios in your services. I subscribed to True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes and have since added three more.

In September 2017, my account value was $335,000. As of today, it totals $1.1 million! Yes, that’s tripling my money in less than three years!

Over the past three years, I have developed my own BOP philosophy and I advise everyone who wants similar returns to follow: bet on Paul! Thank you and your team for the hard work you continue to do.

Thank you so much for writing in, Barry!

And congratulations! Your story inspires us to keep pushing ourselves for our readers. And we hope to hear more success stories like yours soon!

We want to invite you all to share your Bold Profits experiences with any of our services! Please write to us at

And keep reading for your look at this week’s insights and steps to help make more millionaires this year!

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Your Bold Profits Team

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