Alternative Investments: Your Solution to a Bankrupt World

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“We live in a bankrupt world…”

But you still have options for protecting yourself and growing your wealth.

As we closed the Total Wealth Symposium in The Bahamas, we heard from several of our experts, including Ted Bauman, Jeff Opdyke, Bob Bauman and James Dale Davidson on what they expect for the future and how you can take advantage of the opportunities in technology and investments.

A New Class of Alternative Investments 

When you’re thinking about alternative investments, most people very quickly think of rare coins, gold, stamps and even shares in natural gas wells, but there is a relatively new commodity that is poised to gain significant traction as a tangible, transportable asset class.

Joseph Lipton, from Vult by Secured Worldwide, explained that commodities are a way to effectively protect against:

  • Inflation
  • Negative interest rates
  • Bad portfolio management
  • Currency risk
  • Geopolitical risk

But not many commodities are easily transportable. Have you ever tried to carry several thousand dollars’ worth of gold around in your pocket? Not an easy thing. What’s more, many commodities are influenced heavily by the whims of the market.

However, diamonds represent alternative investments that are uncorrelated to the market, not reportable as financial instruments and are a highly concentrated store of wealth.

The problem with the diamond industry as it stands now is that it is:

  • Fragmented and inefficient
  • Opaque and untrustworthy
  • Closed and inaccessible to those not in the industry

But what if you could step away from the luxury market and finally achieve the kind of transparency and accessibility that you can find in other markets, but still keep that commodity decoupled from Wall Street and the broader global economy?

Joseph introduced an amazing new technology that allows you to easily purchase diamonds, take possession, monitor price movement of the commodity, sell and deliver it. This new technology offers diamonds that are:

  • Physically secure
  • Easily authenticated, identifiable, and understood
  • May be personally registered
  • Warranted
  • Easily priced and simply liquid

To watch Joseph’s presentation and to learn more about the opportunities in diamonds as a way of diversifying your assets as well as this unique technology, check out our Total Wealth Symposium Defense Kit.

Incredible Panels — Privacy Protection and Investments

During the Total Wealth Symposium, there were two fantastic panels that drew together experts in privacy and investments.

For our asset protection/privacy protection panel, we heard from Brad Deflin, Ted Bauman, Bob Bauman and Mark Nestmann. On this panel, we learned about easy but critical steps that need to be taken to protect your privacy from attacks. It doesn’t need to be a difficult thing, but it is something that you need to keep up with and take seriously.

For the investment panel, we heard from Jeff Opdyke, Thomas Fischer, James Dale Davidson and Rob Vrijhof. On this panel, they walked through their expectations for currencies, commodities and the broad market during the next several months to few years.

To hear all their responses to the questions asked by attendees, check out our Total Wealth Symposium Defense Kit.

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