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I held a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of diamonds in the palm of my hand.

That’s not to say that they didn’t keep a close eye on me the entire time because that gorgeous, gold-toned case was just perfectly pocket-sized.

But it wasn’t just the exquisite sparkle of those gems that caught my attention as they shimmered in my hand. It was also the unique opportunity they represented. And that wasn’t the only amazing prospect that crossed my palm last week while I was in The Bahamas. Let me get you caught up…

I’m back from Paradise Island in The Bahamas and my mind is still spinning. I spent the morning sorting through stacks of business cards I received and copious notes, trying to figure out where I wanted to start. The Total Wealth Symposium was a smashing success, providing the attendees and those who watched via the livestream with critical, actionable tips and tricks to start applying to their lives right now.

An Asset Protection Strategy for Your Lifestyle

Asset protection was one of the main themes of the Total Wealth Symposium, and one that Bob and Ted Bauman spoke on extensively. We are faced with a government that is drowning in debt, decimating our privacy and showing little regard for the will of the people. And while FATCA has made it difficult to move your money offshore, it certainly is not impossible.

In fact, we heard from Josh Bennett, who explained some of the ins and outs of asset protection trusts, while Mark Nestmann talked about moving your IRA offshore so that you can take advantage of not only the added protection, but the wider array of investment opportunities that are available.

Beyond your wealth, another asset that needs to be protected is your freedom. Daniel Perron and Juan Fischer talked about your options when it comes to acquiring a second residence or a second citizenship. If the situation within the United States continues to grow more uncomfortable, do you want to be dependent on just one passport for travel?

And finally, another key to the asset protection picture is your privacy. There are more and more attacks all the time, and you’re not just vulnerable to hackers and corporations following your every move on the Internet. The government has no qualms about shredding your privacy. Ted Bauman and Brad Deflin provided key steps you can take right now to protect yourself, and they weren’t difficult to understand.

If you couldn’t make it to the Total Wealth Symposium, you still have a chance to see the presentations and learn what you can do to protect your wealth by ordering the Total Wealth Symposium Defense Kit. You will be able to watch videos of the various presentations and receive the PowerPoint presentations, allowing you to go through the slides at your leisure.

Grow Your Wealth

China isn’t dead. Sure, the financial media would like you to believe that the massive Chinese economy is grinding to a painful halt, but Jeff Opdyke’s talk showed China in an entirely different light, pointing to some great opportunities that are brewing in Asia in 2016. In fact, he provided attendees with two trades that they should make to rake in some considerable profits based on developments in Asia.

And Jeff wasn’t the only one to provide insight on some intriguing investments that are opening up in the coming months.

Chris Gaffney of EverBank took a look at some currencies that are positioned to do quite well, as well as some precious metals. Eric Roseman of ENR Asset Management gave his global outlook and walked through some of their core investment themes and focuses for the coming year and listed some areas to be wary of. Erika Nolan of the 1291 Group also gave an outlook for the year as well as a free trade that will allow you to filter out some of the market volatility while taking advantage of some of the growth happening in Europe.

At least a dozen free trades that can be added to your portfolio were provided during the Total Wealth Symposium, and you can view them in the Total Wealth Symposium Defense Kit.

Something Special Beyond Stocks and Currencies

This might have been my favorite part and it’s not just because they let me hold diamonds. (But that doesn’t hurt.)

When discussing what to invest in, the most popular word that is thrown around is always “diversify.” You need to diversify your wealth outside of one currency, outside of one style of investment, out of one country.

So you have. You own stocks, bonds, a few currencies and maybe even a little physical gold, which is a great start. But at the end of the day, all those investments are still correlated to the global economy and the market. To take diversification one step farther, you need an asset class that is uncorrelated to the market, that has the power to hold and even gain in value when the economy in the U.S. or Europe or Asia is melting down.

Geoff Anandappa of Stanley Gibbons discussed investment in items such as stamps and rare coins as well as first-edition books, antiques and art. These assets are largely ignored by investors and are held by collectors, meaning that they are unlikely to panic and sell if the stock market suddenly takes a nosedive. In fact, many collectibles actually rose in value when the stock market was crashing in 2008.

Joseph Lipton from Vult also talked about opportunities for protecting and growing your wealth through investment in diamonds. Vult has created a new technology for purchasing, tracking, selling and delivering diamonds, finally turning them into an alternative asset class on par with physical gold, coins and stamps. And it’s a lot easier to transport several hundred thousand dollars of diamonds in your pocket than it is to carry bars of gold.

Vult and Stanley Gibbons weren’t the only one with alternative investments. I heard about opportunities in natural gas and farmland as ways of generating income.

To watch these presentations for yourself, order your copy of the Total Wealth Symposium Defense Kit now. We are closing the door on orders Tuesday night and you don’t want to miss out on all the great advice.

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