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Millennials and Tech: Powerful Combo Fueling New-World Stocks

Millennials and Tech: Powerful Combo Fueling New-World Stocks

There’s one word to describe my view on the market’s future: bullish.

Despite me telling you this, I feel as though a vast majority of people are going to miss out — just like they did in the ’90s.

I don’t want you to be one of them.

The truth is, when you look at what really matters, we have it going on.

This powerful combo of a younger generation and technology — from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence — is fueling our economy through the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

We can’t look back on what the market’s already done. When you look ahead, you find amazing mega trends that are creating stocks of the new world.

Check out this week’s video to find out how you can be more #BOP — bullish, optimistic, positive — in order to ride this secret boom to the top:

Need More Motivation?

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Be Bullish, Be Optimistic, Be Positive

I’m to changing the way I begin Bold Profits with this phrase: bold, optimistic and positive because that has become the hashtag I use on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @MampillyGuru. I’m tweeting all the time and probably too much.

I have been tweeting about America 2.0, about being bullish, about being optimist and about being positive.

Today I am going to focus on why I am so positive about America 2.0 stocks and why I feel the vast majority of people are going to miss out, despite me telling you on YouTube where any investor can get this information for free.

Simply put, it’s because I remember the 1990s.

Hindsight is 2020: The 1990s Boom Most Investors Missed

You may think that the vast majority of investors made a lot of money in the great bull market from 1992 – 2000.

However, studies show that, actually just a tiny group of people made money in that market.

Investors in the 1990s found a number reasons to be bearish, reasons to be pessimistic and reasons to be negative — the opposite of bullish, optimistic and positive.

In the ‘90s, the naysayers reminded us of high interest rates, high inflation and any number of other things.

Today, if you go and look at MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance or the Wall Street Journal, you’ll find a new generation of naysayers.

Today it’s the coronavirus, yesterday it was the trade war, before that it was the recession that never came, before that it was the inverted yield curve, then Brexit, then something else and something else and something else.

Whatever it is, it kept the vast majority of people out.

Even in the current market, while you might think a lot of people got in, very few people have. Even fewer people are going to get in despite me telling you that this is the moment to do so.


Because they repeat the same auto pilot fear and rhetoric that’s being pushed right now.

They say, “The stock market is at all-time highs. Are you crazy? You’re calling for the Dow to reach 100,000 and pass that? Are you a little cuckoo?”

Your Choice: Stay Ahead of The Curve Or Never Catch Up

Look at what really matters to markets, to the economy and people.

It’s a mix of demographics and technology which combined drive more money through our economy faster.

This is what drives prosperity and growth.

That’s what’s going on right now.

Even though the vast majority of you are under-invested or not invested at all. I would tell you that however small, the time is now.

I am aware the stock market is at all-time highs. I am aware that many people believe that we are on a path to doom — I see it on Twitter.

I hear people say “we are in trouble because of all our debt” and “the stock market is a bubble propped up by low interest rates from the Fed”.

One big issue with all of that is that it’s looking backward. That’s like driving a car purely by what you are seeing in the rearview mirror.

When you look ahead, the things to focus on are these extraordinary megatrends that are stacking one on top of the other. We almost can’t count them anymore there’s so many:

There are so many megatrends that are all coming together to reshape our economy and start the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Simultaneously, we have a giant demographic wave of the millennial generation coming of age. They are starting to make real money. This is the recipe for a boom of enormous proportions.

This is why I’ve made my America 2.0 presentation, which I encourage you to watch and share.

Don’t skip around because all of the information in this presentation is connected.

Watch it through and tell your friends and family.

I really fear that I am one of the very few people talking about this and because of that, the vast majority of folks are going to miss out.

This is going to be the ‘90s boom all over again and some are going to miss out simply because they are comfortable being bearish and focusing on the negative.

The boom is coming. Will you look back with joy or regret?


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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